Lash Client: Services Timeline


Eyelash extensions are an investment for anyone who receives them. Unfortunately, people do not always do their research. Some people think you have to be at your lash appointment every 10-14 days, depending on the week. Some are told 3 weeks… and then I tell my clients 4-6 weeks. But those are my angels who follow every detail I give them.

The first thing EVERY lash guest should understand is the service timeline. You want them to know what to expect. If they’re expecting 4 weeks and have 3 lashes on after 1 week… I don’t think they would be happy.

When guests understand the maintenance involved with lashes, they are less likely to last minute cancel. Because they are more likely to pre-book their reservations into a “standing”. A standing appointment in the beauty industry is: services planned every __ days/weeks, at the same time, for a long period.

Before lash extensions. Photo: Andrea Caban

At Color Pins Curls, we suggest guests restore their lashes every 3.5-4 weeks until we learn the lash cycle. Then aim for 4-6 weeks. I like my guests to have healthy natural lashes. First timers don’t always follow the aftercare rules so they may need to come in a few days sooner to avoid needing a full set.

Here is a timeline breakdown of what a NEW lash guest should expect:

  • Day 1: Patch Test Consultation (30 MIN)

  • Day 3: Full Set Application (2-3 HOURS)

  • Day 29: Restore/ Infill (45-90 MIN)

  • Day 58: Restore/ Infill (45-90 MIN)

Once it is visually explained, by the day, guests should understand and be aware of when they should plan their lash services. Who doesn’t want to take a nap and wake up a NEW FABULASH person… MONTHLY?! I wouldn’t mind.

AFTER lash extensions. Photo: Andrea Caban

Let me know what you think in the comments! Share this with your lash guests or your lash artist and get the communication going!



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