Call the Lash+doctor during Quarantine


Lash+doctor. Another safe, life changing product from NovaLash. And guess what? It’s Prostaglandin (hormone) free. And it is perfect for anyone who may be social distancing… AKA forced into a lash break.

NovaLash Lash+doctor is made with a combination of natural plant extracts, plant peptides, multi-vitamins and conditioners. Let this doctor revitilize healthy, natural, and fuller-looking, lashes. While the lashes remain resilient to loss and breakage. All while being 100% hormone free.

The serum reduces the hair follicles from aging to prevent lash/brow loss and improve the quality of the natural hairs. And its all backed by the NovaLash science to guarantee safe, quality lash products. All you do is twist until serum dispenses and gently swipe over your lash line on each eye. Don’t forget to apply it to your brows too!


    conditions and strengthens the follicles
    can be used daily WITH eyelash extensions without messing with the adhesive
    helps clients who have lash damage from previous damaging services
    promotes naturally thin natural, sparse natural lashes to grow
    is ph balanced
    is safe for those who wear contacts

Now you can maintain healthy, long lashes and not worry about the serum ingredients.

Don’t call the doctors office! Pick up Lash+doctor at your next NovaLash appointment, find the closest NovaLash Listed Lash Stylist or order online on today! Keep your lashes happy & healthy.

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