Thank You, Joni Rae!

As I sit here typing, I try to think of the perfect words, the proper intro for this post… I think it’s best to just type from my heart. Anyone who knows me on a work level knows Joni Rae Russell is my industry icon. And this week, Joni Rae starts a new chapter. She’s ready to beat the boys at poker and focus on the fun, as she plans to retire.

Joni Rae has accomplished more than anyone I have met in my life. She has worked with prestigious brands and industry leaders we read about in the beauty magazines, and the people behind the industry media. Joni Rae is one of the most respected women in the beauty and cosmetic marketing industry. (READ MORE ABOUT HER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: HERE)

I had started communicating with Joni Rae through my blog and months later she was mentoring me. (It felt like I was getting a Masters in Marketing from Joni Rae University). I had the once in a life opportunity to go see Joni Rae- while in California visiting a friend. I was so excited to know more about the woman I looked up to so much.

She told stories while showing me photos, advertisements and products from popular industry brands she worked with. Learning of Joni Rae’s story of how she went from starting at the bottom of her family business- to being mentored by Paula Kent Meehan, to owning a marketing agency that has won elite industry awards. Her impact on the beauty industry is unfathomable.

Beyond her extensive list of accomplishments. Joni Rae is also the most encouraging, motivating, knowledgeable person I have ever met. She is one-of-a-kind with her giving passion for her work and industry. Joni Rae has taught me so much and changed my life.

As much as I want to tell Joni Rae, “WAIT! One more year! We can do it all!” I think to myself, “She has done it all.” So on behalf of anyone who had the pleasure to work with Joni Rae or have her as a mentor… I will say, we all thank you Joni Rae Russell. You have positively changed the beauty and marketing world. You deserve only the best hand in your new deal of retirement!

Tell me your favorite story about Joni Rae and send her well wishes in the comments!


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One thought on “Thank You, Joni Rae!

  1. It is a joy to mentor such an ambitions, caring, driven and determined young woman who has set high goals – I can’t wait to see where life brings you Jessica – Thanks for this beautiful heartfelt post. I love you and wish you continued success – You are on your way!


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