Top 10 Posts of the Year

The time of reflection has arrived as we get ready for 2020. I look back and really am proud of my 2019. I had ups and downs and learned A LOT! I thought it would be fun to look back at the TOP 10 POSTS of 2019 on Color Pins Curls.

10.) Is The Light Worth the Hype?

I ordered The Light from NovaLash to see if it was worth the hype!

9.) My HONEST London Volume Review

I took the London Volume course from NovaLash… was it good? Click the link to check it out!

8.) Lash Babe: November 2019

See who the Lash Babe of November 2019 was.


Who was featured in April as Lash Babe? Click to see.

6.) Top 10 NovaLash Retail Products

See what the top products are at my salon when it comes to retail!

5.) What THEY Have to Say…

See what attendees of the NovaLash LASHoff had to say!

4.) Eyelash Magazine Takeover: BA’s of 2019

I had the opportunity to sit in on NovaLash’s Brand Ambassador meeting and see what really happens in their meetings. (This was one of my favorite days this year).


Are your clients lashes sticking? Find out what can cause this issue.

2.) Lash Babe of August!

Who was the Lash Babe of August? Find out!

1.) The REAL Truth: Eyelash Extensions & Demodex

Here what NovaLash owner, Sophy Merszei has to say about all the Demodex articles going around the internet!

What a trip down memory lane looking back at this year! Who else is ready for next year? Tell me your lash goal for 2020 and your favorite post from 2019 in the comments below!


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