Lash Babe: November 2019

Every once in a while you meet someone and just CLICK! You get each other on multiple levels and instantly become each other’s biggest cheerleader. I was lucky enough this fall to meet one of those people.

This beautiful woman is so talented with lashing, has a crazy passion for being a lash educator and inspires me to keep learning about the lash business we are all trying to master. She is the definition of BOSS BABE. Let’s meet the Lash Babe for November.

Name: Tracey Rivera

Studio: Lashes by Tracey Ann LLC

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Social Media: @tannr1 (Instagram and Facebook)

Education: NMSU BA Degree in Psychology, NovaLash Classic, American Volume, and London Volume Certified.

Roles: New Mexico NovaLash Classic Eyelash Extension Educator. Owner of Lashes by Tracey Ann LLC.

Why did you choose NovaLash?

I chose NovaLash, because it is the most award-winning eyelash extension company in the world. NovaLash is a luxury brand that has been around for 16 years. Quality is very important to me. NovaLash extensions are perfect for any lifestyle and are instantly waterproof and oil resistant, making them perfect for all of my clients. NovaLash adhesives are produced and packaged in a FDA approved facility in the US. So I know where my adhesive is coming from and that it is safe. Our founder, Sophy Merszei is a cosmetic chemist and makes sure every product is medically safe for our clients. I don’t have to explain or hide anything from my clients, NovaLash is very open with professionals and clients!

What do you do outside of lashing?

Other professional activities I’m involved in are; working with other business owners. I’m very active in the community and promote other local businesses. I think it is crucial for a successful business to network and support others.

What are your lash goals?

My goal for 2020 is to become a Brand Ambassador for NovaLash. I have been working so hard every single day, to improve and well as produce nothing but the best. My hustle is my drive to achieving my my goals. Something I fully believe is, every day is a chance to become better than you were before. I strive to support and motivate as many lash professionals as I can.

What has been your favorite memory in your lash career so far?

My favorite memory in my lashing career would have to be; when I received the phone call from NovaLash, asking if I would like to become the trainer for New Mexico with Classic eyelash extensions. I cried and could not believe it. I flew out to Houston where our corporate office is, to train and get the NovaLash experience. While training I had the opportunity to meet everyone involved in the company. I also got to walk through the warehouse where the production and orders get mailed out. And actually talk to all of the corporate team. This experience has been so amazing for me. I am now a trainer for NovaLash and love it!

You can feel this girls true passion when she talks about her career and it really makes her stand out as a professional. I love watching her on social media cheering for everyone to achieve success while she works her booty off on her own business. It’s so inspiring to see the drive Tracey has. I can’t wait to see where her career and our friendship goes!

Make sure you follow Tracey on social media and show her some love in the comments below!

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