5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started to Lash

I love the lash industry. It has become a large part of who I am. I love to educate myself on every part of the industry. Looking back to when I became certified, I started thinking… I had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way. Not because I was trained incorrectly. Mainly, because I am that OCD, overachieving person who wants to be the best at something as soon as I even hear about it.

When it comes to a lash career, here are 5 things I was probably told but chose to ignore, that all NEW lash professionals should know:

  1. You will NOT learn everything in one day. Eyelash extensions are a rapidly growing industry. It takes time and multiple certification classes to become a leading Lash Artist. Outside of the training is also educating on the science, product knowledge, sanitation and safety… it’s a long list. So don’t expect to learn it all in one day!
  2. Muscle memory comes from practice. Muscle memory is the most important thing to understand with gaining speed. It will take you over 3 hours your first attempt. And it’s OKAY! Your muscle memory builds over time causing you less hand fatigue and faster application. It is important to be consistent when you start lashing to gain that muscle memory. So make sure you are practicing a full set, AT LEAST once a week.
  3. Being a Lash Stylist is not the most social career. Being an introvert this was appealing to me when I finally figured this out. But for some it is hard to understand. Now some lash studios have beds in a open area together so people are social but when applications are happening you want a quiet environment. You don’t want the client talking and moving around so you have to remind yourself not to be too chatty. This is how those bottom lashes sneak out. Some Lash Stylists also work in a room alone which limits their social time even more.
  4. Find mentors that support you. Going over the first three, leads me to this. Seek out mentors who will push you to be the best. And don’t just get one mentor, find many! Some mentors will “specialize” in guiding you on specific topics. I have a mentor for: understanding the science of lashes, business owning, specific technique, branding and marketing and more. Create a little network of lash bosses and reach out when you need help! Also, find where you “specialize” so you can continue the cycle by helping others in the future.
  5. It’s more than a technique, it becomes your life. Becoming a successful and branded Lash Stylist is not for the weak. It takes dedication and patience. It will become a part of you and you will become addicted to your love of the lash industry. It happens to all of us. Your free time becomes planning and education time, your clients and lash colleagues will become your friends and biggest supporters and lashing will become a large part of you life. It’s not a bad thing…

I didn’t realize when I took that class as something I would just learn for the salon I worked at as a little side thing, would turn into my full time career. I have learned so many things from so many professionals that I still continue to learn daily. And I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

Which one do you think is most important for someone just leaving their first lash certification class? Do you have any additional advice? Let me know in the comments.

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