Lash Babe of October

October brings another Lash Babe of the Month. This month I wanted to focus on featuring someone who I call my Lash BFF. This woman pushes me on my bad days, answers my late night and early morning phone calls, helps me when I need a little help with my other lash responsibilities and is always there for me just like any of my close friends would be. So let’s meet the Lash Babe of October!

So let’s meet the Lash Babe of October!

Name: Jacqueline Collins

Location: Westlake Village, California

Salon: The Lash Room

Social Media: @lovethelashroom

Awards & Roles: NovaLash Certified Classic, American Volume and London Volume Lash Artist. 2019 LASHOff Semi-Finalist. Owner of The Lash Room.

Tell me about your lash journey, so far…

My lash journey started around 2005. I was awkwardly staring at a ladies lashes. I finally let her know how amazing and long her lashes looked. She told me they were eyelash extensions. From that moment on I was obsessed. In 2006 I snuck into a hair show and was handed a flyer about lash training. I turned to my girlfriend and said, “I could totally do this! And then we could work together!” I called the company that week and learned I needed to have my esthetician or cosmetology license. By the following month, I was calling esthetician schools. I was licensed and lash certified by summer of 2007. In 2010, I started working for a lash studio that required I convert to NovaLash. Although my time at that salon didn’t last long, my love for NovaLash stayed strong and I have continued to work with the brand since.

Why is NovaLash your exclusive brand?

Because it’s the best with products and support after training. I have tried many other brands thoughout my years. Mainly because I was searching for a product my girlfriend (who is extremely sensitive around her eye area) wasn’t allergic to. Each time I tried a new adhesive I quickly tossed it and went back to my NovaLash Sensitive Eyes because it was the only adhesive she wouldn’t react to. NovaLash has just launched their Royal Platinum Bond adhesive this summer and I can happily say I can use this adhesive on her without any reactions! And it truly has the best retention.

What other professional roles do you have outside of lashing your guests?

I am the owner of NV Beauty Lounge working with a team of amazing women. We offer services with nails, waxing, spray tans, facials, and lashes. 

What are your goals?

My goals are to expand my salon and lash business with my passion of educating other lash professionals. I love to help new artists develop their skill and build a career for themselves. I also enjoy the social media side of the beauty industry and expanding my networking across not only California, but the world!

Favorite memory in your career?

Being invited to LASHOff in 2018 and meeting Sophy Merszei for the first time. I got to tell her personally how much her products and lash training has changed my life. Becoming a NovaLash Lash Stylist has transformed my dreams into a reality!

From meeting this angel at LASHOff 2019 to rooming in Las Vegas for the IBS show to visiting her for her birthday… Jacqueline has taught me about being a Lash Artist, business owner and a real friend.

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