Is The Light Worth the Hype?

To be short… yes, yes it is!

NovaLash’s The Light was launched earlier this year and I have been in love with mine since the day it arrived! Now I already had a different brand of lighting that was similar to The Light, but with the amount of lashing I do my eyes would get tired from straining. It just wasn’t bright enough for me.

When I found out The Light had brighter lighting (192 lights to be specific) I went the the NovaLash website and ordered mine. It was actually cheaper ($275 for non-NovaLash account customers) than my previous light and arrived within a few days. I immediately had to test it against my other light at the highest setting.

The Light has 5 settings of lighting WITH a remote! Now some people may not see why that is so beneficial… but being a Lash Stylist, blogger, blogger, content creator, event hair and makeup stylist having a remote makes my life easier. I can be taking photos or doing makeup and not have to move to change the lighting as needed.

The other benefits of The Light are: the base is sturdy, you can adjust the height of it and the arms are adjustable. So when you are lashing you can adjust the arms to make sure you lash every single baby lash on the client’s eye.

The Light has become my best friend when it comes to a majority of my work. Even my friends who are professionals in the beauty industry comment on how nice and bright it gets compared to what they use. My lash game has benefited (along with the other areas of work previously mentioned). It was worth every penny and I would suggest anyone who is determined to lash every lash on their client to make sure they have this in their lash room!

Have you tried The Light yet? Let me know what you think in the comments or ask any questions you may have about lash lighting! Make sure to share this post with all of you lash friends!

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