5 Instagram Stats YOU Should Know

When it comes to Instagram, most people don’t understand the app itself let alone knowing how it can help with your business. I mean it’s just posting photos and using the pound sign with words, right? WRONG. Instagram is taking over when it comes to using social media with being a successful business.

I dove in deep with learning all the little stats and details of this social media platform. And boy does it get crazy. I stumbled upon a great article by Hootsuite titled, “22+ Instagram Stats That Marketers Can’t Ignore This Year“. And it was filled with some great information. So I collected 5 stats from Hootsuite’s blog that I think every lash business owner should know to as they start to learn Instagram. And added my two cents under each stat.

1. 1 billion people use Instagram every month

That is A LOT of people! You have a chance for 1 BILLION people to see what you post on your account. Why wouldn’t;t you be using IG?

2. 500 million people use Stories every day

Stories have been really changing up the IG game. If you are not using the stories feature you need to be! It is a fast way to get content out to followers. The more they watch your stories, you will start popping up on the top of their feeds every time. So encourage your followers to watch your stories as well as look for posts.

3. 80% of users follow at least one business

That is a great statistic to know if you do not use Instagram right now. This means you can get not only clients to follow your business account but also catch a potential client’s eye to follow you and turn them into a paying client.

4. 60% of users discover products on Instagram

Whether it is a service or a retail product, you can use Instagram to benefit your business. Think creatively of ways to post to advertise these things and you should be able to grow your business easily.

5. 75% of users take action

Think of Instagram as a mini website of advertising. It can show off what services you offer, what products you sell, the staff working and your actual business. These are what you would put on your website. When clients/potential clients see things that interest them on Instagram they are likely to take action and click links in your bio to learn more.

I can’t stress enough the importance of having a business account on Instagram. Because I can’t think of many people in my personal life who aren’t constantly on it. People are constantly tagging brands and companies, those brands and companies are always showing off their work to catch my eye and buy their products. I have both ordered products I have found on IG but also found businesses that I have gone from their IG presence.

Did you know these facts? Share your Instagram accounts in the comments and tell us about your business! I have a LASH BLOG and LASH BAR account. This helps to reach my intended audiences with each account. Make sure to give them a follow to compare how they are different.

Let’s get social with lashes!


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A beauty industry professional who loves to share her love of digital marketing!

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