Find Out YOUR Face Shape Right Now!

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A client’s face shape can affect how you choose what curl, length and diameter of lashes you apply during your lash appointments. Using certain lash styles can help correct issues with face shapes. While using certain lash styles can also make a client’s lash extensions look undesirable and a bit funky. An example is if a client has a round face you don’t want to do a cat eye style as this may make their round face appearance even wider.

There are 6 basic face shapes. They are: oval, square, triangle, inverted triangle, oblong/rectangle and round. Use the flow chart below to see how to decide which face shape a client has when deciding what lashes to use before you begin you lash appointment!

Face shapes can also affect how you or a client style & cut your hair as well as how makeup should be applied. Always keep educating yourself on different areas of the lash industry so that you can continue to provide the best lash services for your clients.

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  1. Fun!!! How cool is this puzzle of facial attributes? ☺️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    This gives stylists and clients a much cooler tool to see what works best for their faces 💕


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