Trends are always changing. Especially with makeup. From colors to wear type you can really become overwhelmed and break your bank with no self control. What if I told you a little secret? I know a multi-collection of products that is not only for & available to professional makeup artists, but for all makeup lovers. I truly believe these will change the makeup industry, especially anywhere or anytime you are near hot temps and humidity.

So now I am happy to introduce you to my new obsession & NovaLash’s hidden gem, the 24 Hour Cream Shadow Triptych collections.

Three is key… a triptych is defined as, a set of three associated artistic works intended to be appreciated together. Let’s start there. You get THREE cream eyeshadow colors that are complimenting to each other as well as a JETliner (more about that here) and an application brush. Each collection has THREE suggested looks and for once they’re not all the same! NovaLash is really just blowing my mind at how much they put into their retail! Even the non makeup addicts out there can have trendy makeup looks to go with their NovaLash eyelashes. The colors in the Triptych collections(as well as the packaging) are based on hues found in Hieronymus Bosch’s painting ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’.

There are five different collections of the NovaLash 24 Hour Cream Shadow Triptychs (below). Each is great in their own way, I really do use all of these on myself and clients. Even the Sugar Candy Mountain, I swear it’s my favorite one! Here is a look at the different collections:

 I would like to note the swatches do not do them justice! I strongly encourage you don’t knock it until you try  them on your own skin. Every client I show the Triptychs… they are amazed with how pigmented the colors are & want to get their own ASAP! 

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