5 Articles You MUST Read About LASHES

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I love roaming the internet and educating myself about the lash industry. I have compiled a list of 5 articles I think every lash artist should read if they are truly passionate about the lash life we all live.

  1. Learn about how important aftercare retail is for professionals to have for clients
  2. Add a little something to your existing lash clients for events and holidays
  3. Meet my personal lash queen and a woman who inspired me with 1 little speech this past February
  4. Focus on these 5 groups to grow your lash clientele
  5. Social media tips from lash and brow professionals

There is so much to the lash industry to educate yourself on. From social media, to technique, to growing a clientele… the list is literally a mile long! Make sure to follow Color Pins Curls on Facebook to see all the lash articles as I try to share as many as I can find through each month.

What are your favorite sites to go to for lash information? Share them below!

Stay educated… and lets get social about lashes!


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