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I am so excited to announce the newest addition to Color Pins Curls. Color Pins Curls: Lash Vlog is up and running!

With my first video going over some yoga poses with a yoga instructor to aid lash stylists with body aches. We all know we sometimes push our bodies to the limits so we need to wind down and relax our bodies. A little meditation never hurt anyone! Right?

I’ll be covering a variety of topics including:

    Eyelash extension education, less of the technique more about the other stuff we may talk about in the groups
    Product reviews
    Stories from my crazy lash life
    Adventures that my lash career takes me on, why not join me?
    Fun content with my Lash Babes… because it’s not all about applying lashes. We have fun when we get chances to see each other!
    And much more…

Make sure to subscribe as I will be creating a lot of fun content over on YouTube! You want to miss out. Let me know below in the comments if you want to see anything specific covered or discussed.

Let’s get social about lashes!


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