End of Summer Makeover


As the summer starts closing in, I started to think about all the activities we tend to do… and what they do to our hair. Pools, lakes, oceans, sun, camping (using cheap products if any when bathing/throwing up the hair), using those great salt sprays to dry out the beach waves, etc. Our hair tends to take on a little damage in the summer months. So what can we do to help out of locks as we prepare for fall?

Ann Deater, owner of Dharma Salon has just the answer. A Malibu Makeover! “A Malibu Makeover is the perfect in-salon treatment combination for detoxing and moisturizing the hair. After all the buildup we can expose our hair to in the summer, we start to notice dry, tangled and discolored hair. The Malibu Makeover fixes that for you,” Ann explains.

So what is this magic? Deater describes the process as, “the stylist will clarify the hair with Malibu’s Un-Do-Goo shampoo. Then they will apply the Crystal Gel treatment, a processing cap and place you under a dryer for up to 45 minutes. The time under the dryer can range depending on how much buildup you hair has! When finished, the stylist will shampoo your hair again to remove the minerals and treatment out of your hair. After blotting the hair to remove the excess moisture the Malibu Miracle Repair is applied and worked through the hair. The protein hair reconstructor has quinoa and flax proteins that fill-in and replace the spaces where the minerals were. Leaving your with shiny, manageable and moisturized hair”.

I don’t know about you but this sounds amazing. Make sure if you have lived your best life this summer that the next time you get your hair done you ask for a Malibu Makeover! And fall into autumn with beautiful hair from Malibu C!

Have you tried this combo treatment out? Tell me your thoughts below! And check out some other posts Ann has given her Malibu opinions on:

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