Why You Need a Lash Mentor

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Being in the lash industry is different than most beauty careers. We may work in salons with people, but a majority of the time we are in a quiet room lashing. This can be a soothing, yet lonely place. We are not in a room gossiping and chatting with others (I came from a hair background) or just being social talking with others in any setting. We work best in silence with music playing in the background.

One thing I make sure to tell any new lash artist is to find more than 1 lash mentor. Mentors can change your outlook on lashing. They understand what you go through, they can give you business advice if you own your lash business, they can give your tricks to perfect your lash technique and they can understand lash humor. Let’s face it not everyone understands the eye-roll joke of a client who doesn’t follow rules but doesn’t want to pay for a full set every visit.

When I started my lash career I found 3 amazing women who kept me going on the bad days, made me laugh on the stressful days, guided me through the darkest of lash days and even housed me to come visit them so I could experience what I could one day have… So let me write some love notes to these 3 ride or dies of mine.

Michelle Mirizio

My lash mama has been my number one motivation through so many ups and downs. She has been lashing for longer than most lash artists so she has seen it all. She’s honest and up front with me about everything. And she has shown me that I need to visit Florida at least 5 times a year. I can really go to this woman with anything… personal or professional. I am so thankful she is so amazing and helpful. She loves to help lash artists live their best lash life!

Erica Kelley

Erica was one of the first lash artists to answer my weird questions and always keep in touch. This southern belle is also the funniest person when it comes to lash jokes with me. The GIFS her and I can send each other and understand. She always is answering my late night texts and I cannot say how much I fan girl over her work. It is BEAUTIFUL! I can say she has kept me going on my days I wanted to quit… and her continued efforts in the lash forums to mentor people is so inspiring!

Brigitte Sargent

I don’t even care how mad she gets this is my FAVORITE photo of Brigitte. It shows her personality toad TEE! She loves life… lashes… and rock music! She has answered more weird questions than anyone when it comes to lashing for me. She also translates science things for me because I always admit, science is NOT my language. She helps me understand the science of lashing while always encouraging me. She celebrates my achievements when I call her all excited about figuring a lash trick and always has the best emoji responses to when I have a bad day. She is my little lashing robot (I really thought she was cat fishing me over social media about lashing and that now makes me laugh so hard).

Without these 3 women I probably would have threw in my forceps and quit lashing. But they pushed me and guided me into being successful, having a lash blog that reaches people globally and even starting my own lash business. So make sure if you are a lash artist that you get yourself a Michelle, Erica and Brigitte. If you do, you will be successful no matter how bad those stressful days get!

Who are your lash mentors? Tell me ALL about them below!

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  1. This is the great example of women empowering women. You’ve always inspired me to never give up. You motivate me to keep lash goals 👏🏼 And achieve them.. Thank you for all your encouragement .. You’ve been a great mentor as well ❤️


  2. Girl, you are hilarious and awesome all rolled into one little purple haired firecracker 🧨
    I adore these other two lash queens and to be included with them is an honor 🖤🖤🖤
    And I have no idea what cat fishing is 😂😂😂

    Brigitte Sargent 🖤

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