4 Ways to Encourage Social Media Reach

When it comes to social media, the goal is a large reach. To achieve this you need your followers to engage on your accounts. Here are 4 ways to encourage followers to increase engagement and reach statistics on social media.

Always encourage them to “like” or “double tap/heart” your posts. These things add up to your stats. Creating content that gets them to automatically do this is the best way. Look and see what has the highest likes to help get ideas for what content works for you.

I always end a post mentioning to comment or respond to a question in my text portion of a post. Comments always catch the eyes of others to click and read more. It’s also a way to keep the conversation going.

Encouraging followers to tag others can bring new accounts to your page and possibly gain more followers. More clicks to your post is higher stats for you! Many accounts use this tactic when they do giveaways or contests.

Sharing and reposting is my favorite way to increase your reach. If someone shares your post that means they stand behind the information provided. So this shows you are building trust with your followers and can bring their followings to your account.

Trying these four things will help boost your stats and grow your social media reach to benefit your business. You don’t need to do them all in one post. Try different things and see what works best for you. There are social media strategies but you want to figure out what works specific to your brand! Stick with what works for your brand.

Have you tried any of these? What works for you? Let’s get social about lashes!


Published by Color Pins Curls

A beauty industry professional who loves to share her love of digital marketing!

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