My HONEST London Volume Review

As soon as NovaLash launched the London Volume training July 1, I knew I had to sign up immediately. Who doesn’t want more volume… and to be one of the first to offer the newest technique. So here’s what I thought about the London Volume online course! (Side note: I also did a quick review on my Instagram stories so some images are from there!)

Zachary Falb (@the_eyelash_king) is the creator and educator for the NovaLash London Volume technique. I love that it is a familiar face of someone I have met before. It made me comfortable from the start.

My favorite part of the course is that I can do it all from home in my pajamas. I love that I could literally watch the modules from my bed and take notes. At one point I sat on my deck outside… it was so nice to move around. I also would like to point out that you can go at your own pace. I did complete the course in a day but I also took multiple breaks throughout the day.

The modules weren’t long, drawn out videos. Zach got directly to the point but was very detailed and precise with relaying the information. Sometimes with online courses you can literally Google the information so you don’t really learn anything. I can say I learned A LOT! My favorite module was the troubleshooting and tips Zach gives.After each module there was a quiz. I liked this aspect because it makes sure you retain what was just covered. And I am not afraid to say I did not get 100% on each one.

After you complete the course you are required to do 2 case studies. I love this because it protects those professionals who invest and want to be known as a top lash professional. To be honest I did my two models and forgot to send in my photos. And guess what?! Zach emailed me reminding me to send them in. Going that extra mile shows his dedication to helping his students. I feel like that is not something many lash trainers do. I sent in my photos and got real feedback. I know this because on my first one I used too much adhesive and he noted what to adjust to create the MASSIVE volume fans without using too much adhesive.

I can proudly say that I am now a London Volume certified and one of the first in Michigan! I can’t wait to show my area what it’s about and why it is a game changer to the lash world. I think anyone ready to learn something new should sign up, it’s not a ridiculous price. (You’re really just laying for the products in the kit). It’s worth every penny! I’ll save the products for later posts but just know… I am IN LOVE! 5 out of 5 lashes on the CPC scale of approval!

Have you taken the course? Tell me your thoughts below and let’s get social about lashes!


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3 thoughts on “My HONEST London Volume Review

  1. Ditto, I loved the course! The modules were straight to the point and had great tips for each… Zach does indeed give real feedback on the case studies and I love that 🖤
    The little test at the end of each insures you actually understood what was taught so the information sticks, I totally recommend this for any volume artist that wants to really up their game!

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  2. Congratulations Jessica – You deserve everything good that comes your way – You are a hard working and dedicated lash artist! Love your style!

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