Lash Babe of August!

It is time to take a mental trip over to the UK for the Lash Babe of August! Yes, I know some amazing lash artists all over the world! And I love talking to every single one of them about lashes and their lives. Allow me to introduce you to my personal fashion icon & NovaLash artist, Sophie Doughty (@sophie_novalashsuffolk)!

I have always thought she did amazing work, as is beautiful inside and out. She also has some super cute pups! Sophie resides in a seaside town, Felixstowe, in Suffolk, England. She is the owner of Glow- The Beauty Specialists (@glowbeautyfelix). She even has a team of 7 staff members! Sophie is also a 2019 NovaLash Brand Ambassador, NovaLash Classic and American Volume Trainer and placed 1st at the Lash Games 2017 in the ‘Mixed Volume- Novice’ category. What an inspiration!

Tell me about your lash journey, so far?
I first trained with NovaLash over 7 years ago at the very beginning of my career. I was only 20 years old but I knew lashing was going to be an amazing route to follow and I never looked back. I soon grew a full lash clientele and have now own my salon, Glow- TBS, for 3 years. NovaLash is about 70 percent of my business and I lash around 8 clients a day. I am now lucky enough to be a NovaLash Trainer and help students build careers in lashing with NovaLash, like i have.

Why is NovaLash your exclusive brand? NovaLash is all I know, when choosing a lash brand it stood out from the rest by miles and it was a no brainer. 7 years later it has helped me build a busy salon and proves its-self to me everyday. NovaLash amazes me by being above the other brands with their training, support and innovative products.

What other professional roles do you have outside of lashing your guests? I run a busy salon which is open 7 days a week. I have a team of 7 staff that I support and work with everyday. I also enjoy providing manicure, waxing and skin treatments to my clients. I love being a NovaLash trainer as I see a different side to my job and I get so much satisfaction out of others acheiving their dreams.

What are your goals? My goal is to continue building my salon to the best it can be and help others be the best they can be. I hope to work alongside NovaLash for many years to come in whatever way that may be.

Favorite memory in your career? Visiting Novalash HQ in Houston and meeting all the other amazing staff, Brand Ambassadors and Trainers for NovaLash. It as amazing to be in the same room as so many other people who have the same dream as me from all over the world, a chance I would never of got, if it wasn’t for NovaLash.

See more of her work on her @sophie_novalashfelix (Instagram).

I love that my lash family is all over the world and that we can all share our stories together as we strive to success together! Leave some congratulations for Sophie below! And make sure you follow her on social media and show some lash love while you’re at it.

Let’s stay social about lashes!


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6 thoughts on “Lash Babe of August!

  1. You are an inspiration . Keep rocking those lashes! Love that you are an independent business owner and are designing your world your way! Congratulations.

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  2. Congrats Sophie! – Lash Babe of August
    I spotted her talent and have been following along on her Instagram. We share the lash love and also love our French bulldogs! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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