5 Hashtags That Will GAIN Clients For Your Business

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There is so much to learn about social media, hashtags seem to be a popular topic for just about everyone. Hashtags are when you see the pound sign (#) attached to a word or multiple words with NO spaces. Example: #hashtagsareconfusing. People often are not sure which hashtags to use to benefit their accounts.

When it comes to a business account on social media, your goal should be to grow a following. Specifically, you would want clients and potential clients to be a majority of your following. Though gaining followers in the industry is not a bad thing. Hashtags are an easy way to find your account by using ones that will benefit your business.

One tip to remember is to change up hashtags and not stick to the same ones every time. Change them up and change them around to get more reach with your posts.

So what 5 hashtags should your business be using on Instagram to help reach potential clients? Here are my suggestions:

  1. Location: exact location like street, city, state, general area, downtown section, building name, etc.
  2. Brands used: brands used for services, retail products used, brand hashtags (they all have them!), etc.
  3. Services done: what services were done on this person, what techniques were done, what words describe the services you provided, etc.
  4. Professional role: who did these services, what is their professional role, what words describe the skill level of the professional, etc.
  5. Picture details: what’s in the photo being used, describe background, what colors are in photo, point out details, etc.

Here is an example for what I would use on my lash business account, @colorpinscurlslashbar below!

Have you been using these types of hashtags on your business accounts? Try it and see if you gain some new followers and let me know below! Comment your favorite hashtags too!

Let’s get social about lashes!



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