Is it Business or Personal?

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When you create an account on social media you need to know how to separate business from personal. As easy as it can be to just have one… you want to have two accounts to ensure you are reaching your target audience.

With a business account in the lash world, your goal is to attract new clients, and engage your existing clients. Here are some of the topics you want to focus on with your business brand on social media.

With a personal account, this can just be your personal account for friends and family. BUT, this could also be your personal brand where you engage with a target group to follow you and want to know your opinion on things. Think about those influencers out there, they are taking selfies and sharing what they think and use… all while being paid to do it. Here are some topics to cover on a personal account on social media:

It may take a little work but this will help you reach your target audiences and create the proper content for each account. You do not have to have a personal account if you just would like to focus on your business, but these days everyone is on social media. It doesn’t hurt to educate yourself on the differences.

Do you have both accounts? Comment your accounts below and I will give them a follow!

Here are my accounts: jessicamarie_baird (personal), @colorpinscurls (blog), @colorpinscurlslashbar (business)!

Let’s stay social about lashes!



  1. I have two. Business & personal. It’s kind of a pain to be honest and I’ve accidentally posted business stuff on my personal haha but I don’t think the followers on my personal want to see lashes all the time and the ones who don’t mind or want to support that account follow both. I also use the business account to learn all the lash things. I keep the personal account private and small. Business is spa_carmen

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