1 Trick to Full Lash Sets

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A lash artist can get done with their lash service, only to look down and see a sparse lash line on their client. The secret is known by all lash professionals, that you want to lash every single lash. This includes anagen lashes that are commonly missed. There are many tips out there for full lash lines, but some of them open the clients eye or cause a lot of sticking. And client safety is a priority to me!

I decided to reach out to one of the most respected trainers in the lash industry, Andrea Caban(@peaceluvbeauty). I want to tell you why… as a NovaLash and LABA Trainer since 2009, she has worked with so many new lash artists. I have communicated with other lash babes, who have told me stories about how she changed their careers by training with her on the fundamentals of eyelash extensions.

Who is she? Andrea Caban is owner of Peace, Luv & Beauty, was Lead Trainer of LABA in California 09-18, VP of LABA 13-18, LABA Academy Director 18-19, 2016 & 2017 NovaLash Brand Ambassador.

“Clients can continue their lash nap without interruption,” Caban explains, “by using this trick we can expose all those baby, anagen lashes without opening the eye or causing irritation. And it can be used on all NovaLash techniques!”

Check out Andrea showing off her trick, below:

Have you tried this out? Comment your thoughts on this below.

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