9 Questions to Answer BEFORE a Client Asks…

Clients SHOULD do a little work before they decide where to go for lashes. Since you are working around their eyes there are a few topics you should make sure to cover before you even start your consultation. This will not only show your professionalism with the client but help gain their trust.

I have found the more communication, the better when it comes to gaining a loyal lash clientele. “I love that when I first had lash extensions applied, how much Jessica covered before I even started asking my questions. I had been to other salons where they seemed to avoid any talk, especially about products. She even pulled out her lashes to show me why she chose the lashes she put on me! I feel like I can really enjoy my lash naps because I trust her completely around my eyes,” said one of my personal clients Vanessa M.

Here is a list of questions that I think all lash artists should answer during their consult before the client even gets the chance to ask them…

  • What brand do you use?

I am not afraid to pull out my lash trays… adhesives… gel pads… anything. Because I am obsessed with my brand! (Which is NovaLash, BTW.) Brand recognition makes your life easier, I promise.

Why did you choose this brand?

If the ONLY reason you chose a brand is because it was cheap and affordable. I am sorry… but you will never be successful. Choose a brand because you can FULLY stand behind their values, their products and techniques. Lash artist Jackie Collins says, “I chose NovaLash because they focus on client safety. Being around their eyes, I think client safety is so important”.

  • Are you licensed/certified?

Show off those beautiful, framed certificates. You did the work, so show it off. They may be a piece of paper… but they show that the company behind that paper supports you. Companies should stand behind their professionals after they gift you with the certification.

  • What did your training consist of?

Tell your clients about your training. I love telling clients the differences in my trainings. I invested quite a lot of money into the training, why not brag about it? You worked your butt off learning about the products and techniques. Having multiple levels of training shows how dedicated you are to lashing, but also helps you have multiple options of lash services for clients.

How long have you been certified and applying the lashes to clients?

BE HONEST. If you are new to the lash industry, tell your clients. If you are up front and inform them you’re still learning, they are way more understanding if they have bad retention (and it’s your fault… it CAN happen), than if you lie and say you have been doing lashes for 3 years and should know every little detail of lashing.

  • Can I see examples of YOUR personal work?

My clients absolutely LOVE how no matter what full set they book, I pull out photos of each type of lash techniques(Classic, American Volume and London Volume) and explain the differences. This way they can see them from my personal work. I also always include my studio Instagram username so they can also look at my work there.

  • Where do you get your products from?

It is not always bad to over educate a client. I always explain how I order my products from a corporate office. This helps gain trust because if you are ordering from Amazon, Wish, etc. you don’t have that branding back up you get from companies. I have heard/saw SO many scary things happen when people order from a third party with lash extensions.

Do you have different lash extension curls, lengths and diameters?

You may not know the terms but knowing if they have more than one type to apply is a good sign. A top quality professional should always apply at least 3 different length, extensions on you. NovaLash techniques create custom lashes for clients. So having a large variety of lashes is a sign, that your eyes are about to become artwork.

  • What type of lashes are they?

I love pulling out my lash trays and explaining how they are NOT mink, as NovaLash is a cruelty free brand. So cat allergies have nothing to worry about. “NovaLash lashes are made up of a synthetic silk material (PBT), a high quality plastic fiber that mimics a natural mink hair,” says NovaLash Trainer Brigitte Sargent (@theplumlash).

The more you relay to clients they will trust you. This helps as you expand your services to different techniques, to get your clients to upgrade with your menu. They will understand your price increases and trust your reasoning of why they should. Trust is more than your personal relationships but also important professionally.

Except clients to ask questions and be prepared! Work with your eyelash extension brand and learn every little detail. I promise your career will take you to a new level of success!

Do you answer these questions before a consult with a client? What other topics do you make sure to cover before a client can ask? Comment below!

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