Start Your Journey Before Graduation

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I have heard numerous stories of people having the dream of wanting to become a lash stylist. But don’t know where to begin. First things first… always check with your local state regulations before you even look into training. Some states require an esthetics or cosmetology license before you can take any lash training. Especially for the big brand trainings. “In some states, you can take NovaLash training halfway through school but certificates are held until you receive your physical copy of your beauty license,” says NovaLash Trainer and Brand Ambassador, Michelle Mirizio (@letstalkmakeup).

Did you know NovaLash is changing the way you start your lash life? NovaLash has partnered with beauty schools in the United States to help you begin your lash journey before you graduate. Become NovaLash certified through your beauty school and launch your beauty career from the day you graduate. With lashes just starting to really explode in the beauty scene make sure you #askfornovalash when it comes to training for top products, techniques and be part of the award winning NovaLash family.

Here is a list for current schools offering this amazing experience while in school:

Galveston College TX

Lone Star College  TX

Michael’s College KY

Queens City College TN

Rend Lake College IL

Ridgewater College MN

San Jacinto College TX

Summit Salon Academy MN

Trinity Valley College TX

If you want to enter the beauty industry and live near one of these schools, start off on the right foot. And learn the service every salon is adding to their services and become the Lashionista you’ve been wanting to become.

Keep your lashes happy & education a priority!



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