Lash Babe of May

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May means Mother’s Day and who else would I choose to be the Lash Babe of May other than my lash mama, Michelle Mirizio. Let me just start by telling you, she loves NovaLash more than a person could describe. She is so passionate about her career just being around her was career changing. She makes you want to keep growing your business and success while having fun with your family and friends. So let me tell you about my friend, mentor, lash mama, Michelle Mirizio (@michellemirizio).

Salon: Let’s Talk Makeup Studio. (@letstalkmakeup)

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Awards/Roles: Owner of LTM, Classic and American Volume Certified Lash Stylist, NovaLash Classic Trainer, Trainer of the Year 2011, Distributor of the Year 2014, 10+ year award, 2015 Brand Ambassador, 2016 Brand Ambassador, 2017 Brand Ambassador, 2018 Brand Ambassador, 2019 Brand Ambassador

Tell me about your lash journey, so far…

“It’s been some ride! It started in 2006 when I saw an article in a magazine about NovaLash. I fell in love immediately. It is in my blood to train, I knew I wanted to be a trainer before I took the class. And I love being a hands on, 24/7 trainer and distributor as well as owning a lash and brow studio. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication but it got me where I am working with such an amazing group of people.”

Why is NovaLash your exclusive brand?

“It wasn’t even a thought for me to not be exclusive. They are the number one brand globally. I stand behind NovaLash and their products, 100%”

What are your goals?

“To continue to learn. I want to be the best educator I can be and to keep mentoring my students and other professionals to be successful as well. And to grow my distributing territory to help get NovaLash all over the world!”

She loves to share her NovaLash LOVE and has the cutest studio in Florida! I got the opportunity to watch her work her magic on lashes and let me tell you. It is worth every penny to attend a class with her. She is so one on one and loves to help guide you to success. As a 5 time Brand Ambassador for NovaLash, Michelle deserves this title and recognition for being such an inspiration to so many!

Do you have a memory with Michelle? Did she train you? Share in the comments.



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