Happy Birthday to an industry icon, Sophia Navarro!

As we celebrate the birthday of the incredible Sophia Navarro, it is only fit that original Queen of lashes is the Lash Babe of April! Now I usually will base this on getting to know each babe a little more… BUT this is a special one. If you love lashes she should need no introduction. But for those who do not know, let me fill you in… Sophia Navarro is not only a personal idol of mine, but she has accomplished so much in the lash industry. After joining NovaLash in 2005, she changed the lash game for all of us today. Sophia created her own, American Volume technique to safely give clients a fluffy and full look with lash extensions. She helped make a lash stylist’s life easier by helping to create LASHLiner, Candied Lashes and the AirNOVA! She has even lashed Queen Bey with these products! Talk about a career highlight. Sophia is the owner of The Lash Co. in Houston,Texas where she continues to train and change the lives of so many.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, I can honestly say that she is one of the nicest, most encouraging people I have ever met. Attending her class in Chicago almost a year ago changed my life. Getting the chance to see her at this years LASHOff was amazing. I not only got to sit next to her at the corporate offices but had time to talk at the Gala with her. She is so friendly I really could go on for days. But instead I decided to take this Lash Babe of the Month post and ask some other professionals about Sophia. And dedicate it to the one and only, Sophia Navarro. Happy Birthday!

“When I entered her class in vegas for American Volume I was so sick i just caught a cold or something. She perked me right up though. That class truly changed me and my business. It was inspiring to meet her and learn from the best! She pointed out some bad habits.. “raking”.. “no not like that sugar” she said. I just love her! Happy Birthday, Lash Queen.” -Elisha Padilla (@svskinlashspa)

“I have always looked up to Sophia. She is such an inspiration with her knowledge in lash techniques. Learning her American Volume technique really changed my lash career. She helped create so many products that really benefit the lash stylist in being successful. She is one of the reasons I have been NovaLash exclusive. Sophia is so down to earth, she really encourages all of her students and has such a passion for lashes. Anytime I am asked, “who do you want to do your lashes?” I always say Sophia. Every time. She is the true lash queen.” -Michelle Mirizio (@letstalkmakeupstudio)

“I have a passion to always continue to educate myself with eyelash extensions. Attending a class with Sophia, the creator of American Volume is something I think is amazing. I have always looked up to her dedication to lash safety. It has influenced my successful lash business as well as my trainings. I love getting to see her at LASHOff events, you can see her passion when we all start talking lashes.” -Justine Ivaldi (@lashed_559)

I hope Sophia has a day as full as the lashes she’s created, with great memories and happiness. Share a little birthday love below!

Keep your lashes happy and Candied (thanks to Sophia)!


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4 thoughts on “LASH BABE OF APRIL

  1. My thanks to you and to all who have helped me throughout my career and believe in me. I have been spired and blessed by so many wonderful people, especially my students that I have had the privilege to teach and who have taught me so much.
    I take a lot of pride in my job and I have always strived to keep coming up with new ideas, while always focusing on improving my techniques and efficiency.
    I thank the industry, particularly NovaLash, for all the support and faith they have had in me, especially when so many things have changed throughout the years.
    A special thanks to Jessica for all her kind words and for including me in her blog.😊

    Michelle, Justine, Elisha, Jacqueline and Bridget: it was an honor and a privilege to teach you, and I am so gratified that your careers have taken off! The success of my students is my success, and this brings me great sense of accomplishment as a teacher.
    Thank you
    Sophia Navarro

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  2. Happy Birthday Sophia!!
    I am honestly so blessed to have had the opportunity for you to call my “puppy!” My skill and career has been inspired, improved, and advanced because of you.
    Thank you so much!
    aka @LoveTheLashRoom


  3. Happiest of birthdays to our beautiful Sophia!!! We all love and adore you for who you are and what you’ve created, none of us would be here without you and we are so grateful 🖤🖤🖤
    I can’t wait to see the next Sophia creation 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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