Can You Guess How Many?


NovaLash just celebrated 15 years of leading the industry in eyelash extensions. I will start by saying, NovaLash is the most awarded brand of eyelash extensions. So how many have they won?

Let’s see what awards NovaLash has brought back to Houston, Texas…

I am only missing one award from Dermascope being the 2016 winner of the Aestheticians’ Choice award. All awards are also listed at: There’s a reason why everyone should #askfornovalash!

So what’s the total? 61! A year and a half ago, they were at 37(see here), that is almost 30 awards in that small amount of time. NovaLash continues to come out with the BEST quality and safety products for both clients and professionals!

How many awards will NovaLash have by mid 2020? My guess? 80. Let me know what your prediction is in the comments!

Keep your lashes happy & award winning!


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