Why Clients Love Their NovaLash Retention


With a little lash obsession and dedication, I have become a full time lash stylist. I would say achieving that in less than 2 years is a success story. The biggest part of becoming a successful lash stylist in my eyes, is the clientele a professional has. Happy clients means happy business. So… I started asking my clients, besides my amazing personality (kidding), what is it that keeps you returning.

“I love that as a hairstylist, my schedule is crazy, and I get four to five weeks between my appointments. I was wearing strip lashes before and they took forever to apply. Now I wake up ready to serve my clients knowing my strip lashes aren’t lifting on the corners when I blow dry hair,” says hairstylist Lindsay Martin. Yes, she said 4-5 WEEKS. Aftercare is a main part of retention but it’s all about that adhesive.

The NovaLash Platinum Bond series is what keeps my clients returning. Because let me tell you, I know some follow 0 rules and somehow manage to come in with all their lashes. NovaLash just repackaged their bottles with twist tops making a lash stylists life a lot more simple! The adhesives are cured with water (NOT CHEMICALS), instantly waterproof and oil resistant. LASHOff Fan’s Choice Winner, Jessica Gadzalinski has the PERFECT way of explaining the importance of being oil resistant. “Your hair produces oil and your lashes are hair. So even if you don’t use oil products with other brands, oil still is being produced and does affect retention,” says the Green Bay, Wisconsin native. She has a very valid point! I am always learning from these amazing women in this NovaLash family!

NovaLash adhesives are formaldehyde free as packaged in the United States. Lash client, and science fan Ann Deater says, “I love that I can see the MSDS sheet for NovaLash on their website so I can research the product ingredients used on my lashes. Before I got these lashes, I wasn’t aware of the ingredients (like solvents) in some lash adhesives! I am so happy my lash stylist went over so much about the products. Even what she uses while my eyes are closed”. Each appointment I go over a topic with my clients to educate them about all about lash extensions.

These adhesives are a large part of why my business has boomed. And I know I am not the only one! Let me know your thoughts on these multi-awarded adhesives below!

Keep your lashes happy & retention at 4 weeks!


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