Curls, Curls, Curls

There are many lash and eye shapes and lid types out there, so when I say that there is not just 1 curl, length and diameter extension used on everyone. Length and diameter will be discussed another day, but today I want to talk about curl types.

There are 5 types and they all have their own uses so lets start with that.

L CURL- These lashes are literally shaped like an “L”. They have a flat base then curl and point straight up. L curls are perfect for straight and downward facing lashes as well as bottom lashes. Guests who wear glasses daily may also like these lashes because they are less likely to hit their glasses. Two other groups that would benefit from these? Hooded eyes and mono-lid shaped eyes. And the ones who should avoid these? Guests with deep set or protruding eyes.

NATURAL CURL- Natural lashes have a semi slight curl to them. They look the most like their name, natural. These are for those who wants basic length and just wants to toss their mascara but not have any other changes.

B CURL- These lashes have a natural curl. They appear straight and the base then curl at the top. This will give a look of wand curled lashes. These are perfect for straight natural  lashes. They are not for downward facing lashes, protruding eyes.

C CURL & CURLY CURL- These two are very alike with curly curl having a little more curl. This is the most popular used on guests. That is because it visually lifts the eye to give the open look without the extreme drama of d curls. C curl and curly curl lashes are not the best idea for closed set, protruding or deep set eye shapes. They are however great for mono-lid and hooded eyes. They are usually the “look” everyone desires to have.

D CURL- These are the big ones. The most dramatic curl. Literally, they are a half circle shape which makes them the curliest. D curls dramatically open the eye. They are used on naturally curly lash clients for everyday wear though shorter lengths are used on mature lashes. Clients with straight and downward facing lashes unfortunately will not get much from the lashes as they won’t stay very long due to their tight curl not having a steady base to attach to natural lash. Deep set eyes and hooded eye shapes may find this look TOO dramatic. That is why d curls are typically used for events and not long term wear.

So there you go, it’s not one curl for all and there are factors that go into deciding curl type. Remember if you choose to want a curl on lashes that will not hold them (i.e. a d curl lash on a straight or downward facing lash) you will need infill appointments more often. The next part is deciding what length and diameter to used.

Keep your lashes healthy & curly!


2 thoughts on “Curls, Curls, Curls

  1. I love the explanation of the curls with face shapes. B is also one of my favorite curls then C next . Great tips!! Love this blog !!


  2. I’ve recently fallen madly in love with using a B curl for all my 8mm’s , they’re so beautiful without being overly dramatic or fussy 🖤🖤🖤 thank you for sharing this!!!


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