1 Thing, Puts the Damper on Spring


Spring is here, and as all that dry, winter snow melts & the temperature rises… but the humidity is still lacking. So how does that put a damper on spring? Remember that lash cycle we’ve discussed before? (if you missed it, click here)

That weather change to spring affects your lash cycle & it’s completely NORMAL. So do not freak out because it is also affecting your hair cycle everywhere! The hairs and lashes will become loosened & thinner as you loose the winter hair. The best way to tell your lashes are in their shed cycle is after you wash you wash your hair you notice more hair on the drain. This is the same for lash shedding.

This yearly “Spring Lash Shed” begins at the end of March/beginning of April. It will last about 6 weeks and then your lashes will be back to their normal FULL & healthy selves. Typically I tell clients by two 60 minute infill appointments it will have ran through the shed, but they may need an extra appointment to keep their infill from becoming a full set. Especially July, when your lashes will really “hold on”(cue Wilson Phillips) from shedding to protect from the sun. But through this wonderful seasonal shed your lash extensions may not look full due to fewer extensions but DO NOT ask your lash stylist to go bigger on lash diameter. Or your lashes will stay thin!

Besides the temperature changes, allergies increase which means they’re sitting on your lashes doing their job to annoy your natural lashes follicles while making it hard not to rub the extensions off! An increase in oil product causes excess oils which is a sure-thing to cause clogged follicles as well. So the pair is going to make sure your lashes are affected while adapting to these changes. Again, this is normal.

So what can you as a clients do?

  1. Prepare for this happening and don’t go trying to get thicker extensions or verbally attacking your lash stylist. Trust me, it’s not our favorite time of year either. This is a great time to finally get ahold of Novalash’s Lash+doctor. This will help your lashes slay some of these spring changes by fighting back with this amazing treatment! (read about it here)
  2. Do a shorter infill, if possible in about 2 weeks and then after that make a full infill appointment and your lashes will be in the new cycle out of this sad spring dampening.
  3. Make sure you are cleansing your lashes at least daily! The humidity not catching up causes dry brittle natural lashes. They want that amazing moisture! Make sure you are really allowing the cleanLash by Novalash. This is seriously a MUST OWN if you have eyelash extensions by a certified Novalash Lash Artist! It cleans, conditions & removes that NovaLash Cream Eyeshadow. (read about this industry changer, here)
  4. Look at your lashes when they come off. Is the natural lash attached? That means it’s shed. If there is no natural lash that means you may be doing something to break down the adhesive fast so talk to your lash stylist to make sure you are doing what you can because after that 72 hours, the only thing that can be problem related to your lash stylist is the amount of adhesive used on you. But please remember, there is a limit to adhesive used with the NovaLash technique, we care about your eyes and don’t want chunks sticking together ripping out your natural lashes causing you to not have any!

Spring may have sprung, but lashes are going to spring out & shed. Be patient and follow what your lash stylist suggests. When you get mad, close your eyes, breathe & think to yourself… “it’s only 6 weeks”,

Keep your lashes happy & lashes strong!



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