WINTER= Humidity Probs

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I don’t know about everyone else out there but in Michigan we are having a bitter-cold and dry winter. Dry winter means humidity trouble for me! Weather changes can cause humidity level changes. Which can be an issue for the Lash Stylist’s adhesive. The Platinum Bond adhesive loves the humidity at 50%.

Here are some of my suggestions for fixing the problem of dry winter to help you/your Lash Stylist get that perfect humidity.

  • I make sure my room vent is closed to avoid bringing in more dry air.
  • I usually use a diffuser and a room cool air humidifier. Both are within 3 feet of work area as well.
  • Before my client arrives I turn on hot water to make steam in the room as well as use my misting spray bottle for hair to add more moisture.
  • After client is prepared for service I spray mist using my Novalash MiniMR on their lashes and around their face, this seriously makes a HUGE difference. If at all during service I will spray MiniMR into the air to add more moisture. I always make sure to do this after a round of separation so I do not encourage lashes to stick together because it does happen unless you have done rounds of separation.
  • Make sure you fan or spray air over lashes before and after misting. Like with them AirNova machine.
  • I have found using other heavy misting options do not work. They cause shock cure and your adhesive to turn white. AVOID THIS ISSUE NOW!!!!! TRUST ME!!!!

After the client looks amazing they still need to remember this weather is going to stay. I feel this is where we all slack. Not just lash stylists, but the clients as well. Personally, I want your lashes to stay on as long as they can. When it is a dry winter and you do not moisturize you natural lashes you need to realize they will become dry, brittle and prematurely shed. This is not because the application was wrong. A lot of companies say to avoid high humidity, water contact and oil based products. That is why I love how Platinum Bond loves oil!

Don’t worry besides the amazing adhesive NovaLash has another hidden gem. CleanLASH pads are conditioning, cleansing and make up removing pads. I like to cut them in half and use one side on each eye because my clients don’t have to wear mascara or eyeliner. I suggest 3 times if in humid area up to 5 times a week to use them. I do this because I myself forget a day sometimes so I understand that. This helps keep the eye area nicely hydrated.

The first thing you will realize is, “wow these things are super oily”! That is why I cut in half. I like to swipe across eyelid and then down over lashes. Don’t worry you feel the oils. It is a magical hydrating feeling you fall in love with, especially around this time of year. I am a dry dehydrated person and this makes my eyes feel hydrated and look brighter. I won’t even get into the pomegranate oil scent.

On you will read:

“Designed to not only remove dirt, pollutants and any make-up your clients wear, but will also prolong the life and radiance of their extensions by conditioning and restoring moisture. These cotton pads have been saturated with pomegranate seed extract to detangle and promote healthy lashes and help to reduce flipping and tangling of the lashes, while simultaneously nourishing the eye area.” (

I mean, COME ON!!! How is that not amazing. You are prolonging lash life, radiance of shine, detangling, reducing flipping and tangling while nourishing. I will not lie I thought this line was a, “hey spend money it won’t help scheme” and I fully apologize to NovaLash for that because I see the difference. I always suggest it to my clients now and those who decline I know they will come in with flipping lashes and less retention because their lashes get weak, dry and prematurely shed… but they can pop off due to the brittle dryness on the adhesive. WITHOUT DAMAGE!!! So it is important to keep those bad girls moisturized. Many clients ignore how much build up gets on lash extensions and CleanLASH takes everything off so I cannot talk about it enough.

Like I have said before I do not lie to my clients. I am a frugal single mom and do not spend money unless I feel its necessary and if I have NovaLash extensions I am spending the money on the whole line because I back it up myself. It saves me money long term doing this. And I love hearing someone get excited to see NovaLash extensions and say “they are like the Chanel of lashes!!” and they really are!

Humidity during service and hydrating after care is very important so make sure you know about it whether you are a client or a professional!

Keep your lashes happy & hydrated! 


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