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I decided once a month I would reach out to a lash inspiration of mine to ask a few questions. I am doing this because while in Texas I met so many motivation, beautiful women. And they all have their own stories about how they got in the industry specifically lashing.

One of those beauties I met was, Lizeth Padilla. In her introduction to the group, I heard her true passion of lashing saying it saved her life. That really showed me how the industry is life changing and inspired me to want to do more in my own career.

So let me introduce you to NovaLash Brand Ambassador & Trainer, from McAllen, Texas, Lizeth Padilla.

Tell me about your lash journey, so far…

“I grew up around my family’s beauty salons, but I remember when I fell in love with the beauty industry I was about 9 years old. There was something about waking up on a Saturday morning and joining my mother to the Tri State Beauty School in El Paso Tx. The ambiance, the different smells of hair chemicals and beauty products, I knew then and there that one way or another this industry would always be a part of me. After high school my mom already had her shop so I enrolled at Tri state and soon after I was a beauty school dropout. I think that being on the search to finding myself as a young woman I thought maybe the beauty industry wasn’t for me and just maybe it was just my moms goal. So I moved away and ventured different career paths. From real estate, consumer lending, personal training, radio station, some TV work and on top of it all I would always do hair and makeup on the side. OMG, I guess I’ve done it aIl! I was independent making a living and learning about myself.  Then my life gave me slap in the face and it almost seemed that from one day to the next my life gave a 360 turn, just like that, and without saying much I almost lost my life. That event made me return back home almost after being away 8 years. Being back home reawakened the love that I have for the beauty industry. Around that time, I met the man of my dreams, and when I say dreams I mean the man that sees past all my flaws and most importantly he believes in me even when I don’t. This man is my husband, I still remember the day when I told him I wanted to rent out a room so I could start my own business. It was a crazy idea being that I was now in a different city and not knowing anyone, well what can I say there was a pretty high risk that I could fail. Aside all that, he has been right there by my side through all the hard work and sacrifice. So, I opened my business and my focus was eyelash extensions, I knew that I had to invest in a high-quality product for my client’s lashes and after so much research I came across NovaLash.”

Why is NovaLash your exclusive brand?

“First their unique products like the Platinum Bond adhesives being waterproof, oil and sweat proof just speaks for itself, and second the treatment that I got when I called to get information. Even before I signed onto the course was amazing, I knew I was speaking to an exclusive company with true professionals. That was just the beginning of my journey with NovaLash, after only a little over a year I went from renting a small room to now owning a beautiful lash studio. 

What is your studio called?

“My studio is called DeVida Lash and it’s located in McallenTx.

What other professional roles do you have outside of lashing your guests?

In 2018, I became a NovaLash trainer, and this 2019 year, its an honor to have become part of the elite Brand Ambassador team. I am also very proud to say that I’m the first Spanish trainer to have conducted a Spanish classic certification class with NovaLash in the U.S”

What are your goals?

“This year I will be working hard towards my goal in of conducting more Spanish courses to target the Latin market. Every day I continue to learn and grow, I’m not even near where I want to be, but all I know is that I’ll keep working hard and continue to strive for the best. Deep down in me lies a vision that one day I hope to see it become a reality. I’m grateful for NovaLash because with so much hard work and along the brand, I have reached a level of success that I’m truly thankful for. NovaLash is not just a brand, it’s a lash family, thank you NovaLash!!”

I mean, you have to admit, you feel inspired at just reading her passion of lashes. That is why Lizeth had to be my first Lash Babe of the Month, March 2019. I even met her husband and was telling him how amazing and uplifting she is. They are also the cutest couple, y’all. I can’t wait to watch her reach her goals of success as she lives her best lash life!

Who inspires you? Who is your Lash Babe you look up to? Comment below!

Keep your lashes happy & inspired!



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