St. Patrick’s Day is slowly on it’s way here… That means you have to wear green or you will get the PINCH  from everyone you see. Some people just don’t have green in their wardrobe. And that is okay. Some people just like to take it to the next level. I have some beauty related ideas for both!!


Gold and green and both used in St. Patty’s Day decor. Use that in your eyeshadows. Use a gold based color and go over it with a green glitter so that it is not TOO much green but still looks good. You can also use  green mascara or eyeliner. Are you NovaLash or nothing? Don’t worry the NovaLash Triptychs have a green cream shadow you can use!!!! I actually wear it a lot!


Use a green extension in your hair if available at a local store, or use hair mascara to put a streak in your hair if you just cannot commit to anything more than a day. Hair stylist, Lindsey Fourman says,, “always be careful because your hair could absorb the color so have a shampoo like Bumble & Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo to help take the color out. And maybe get a Malibu treatment during your next hair appointment.

Mix some green glitter into your favorite gel and paint onto your finished hair style to get a mermaid look. It looks amazing and it doesn’t last. Guys can handle glitter for a day, too!


Have  some gems or sequins laying around? Use temporary eyelash glue to glue them onto your face for a festive look. It won’t last more than the night but be sure to clean your face after your night out to avoid any skin issues.


If you have eyelash extensions from a NovaLash Lash Stylist, ask for the candied lashes! They look amazing and give a nice glitzy look until your next infill or they shed naturally. NovaLash only makes the best products so look festive while keeping your lashes healthy!!! Did I mention it’s a black lash under those freeze-dried crystals so it still looks eye catching as they fade off.


Are you more simple? Try just doing your nails in a green color to show you have the holiday spirit. You can have it removed immediately or keep it and still be stylish.


If you are the more laid-back side, go buy a bow or headband to throw in for the nights adventures. You can wear it for a few pictures then take out and not worry about how you look. Its a win-win situation.

Try any of these and last through St. Patrick’s Day without a pinch. Comment below with any ideas you have had to spice it up on the green holiday!!

Keep your lashes happy & green for St. Patty’s Day!


3 thoughts on “ARE YOU READY TO BE GREEN?

  1. I lashed my client with the Green Mint Chocolate Chip Candied Lashes and it’s sooo pretty. She’s ready to sparkle down bourbon street of New Orleans to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day


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