What THEY Have to Say…

I have gone on enough about my experience in Houston, Texas at the NovaLash LASHOff party! So I decided to ask some other attendees about their time at the annual lash celebration.

Justine Ivaldi @lashed_559

“LASHOff is the event of the year for the lashing industry. A huge celebration with the top beauty industry professionals and all this media makes it like an out of body experience. It is so fast paced and fun seeing so many new and old friends, getting to hang out and talk about our passion. These women become your real friends outside of lashing! I always feel so motivated and inspired after I get home.”

Elisha Padilla @makeupandskinbyelisha

“The LashOff always looked like so much fun and being a NovaLash stylist since 2009 I finally got to go this year! Meeting some of my favorite Lash Stylists and sharing this experience with my LABA team was something I will never forget!”

Mona Kent @thefaceboutique1

“The LASHOff was so much fun and I will never forget how much energy was present there. It is incredible. I think I must have been a part of over 50 photos which each represent a memory for me to hold until the upcoming years!”

Nikki Mellilio @nikkimelillooo @letstalkmakeup

“Winning Classic lashes is such an honor. I cannot believe I have been chosen to be a Brand Ambassador for NovaLash. I have made so many life long friends in this company and so many fun memories that I am so grateful for.”

Rebecca Hurjui @rebeca_hurjui_lash_and_nails
“Having the opportunity to come all the way from Italy to meet and know all of these talented professionals was life changing. I am so thankful to be a part of the NovaLash Brand Ambassador team. I loved the cocktail hour taking photos with everyone.”

Jackie Collins @lovethelashroom

“Everyone comes from all over the world with a different story and it is so great to just get to make new lifelong friends and well as celebrate how far NovaLash has come the past 15 years! I am so grateful for the experiences NovaLash offers to it’s professionals.”

Susan Choo @ilashgrl

“LASHOff was an evening that was energy-charged with passion, beauty and gratitude. Needless to say mascara was not invited nor present at this private event. It was an electrifying moment to meet and see fellow lash bosses from all over the world, glammed up and with all smiles.”

Check out some of the memories from the amazing event below!

What was your favorite memory? Comment below!!

Keep your lashes happy & selfie ready!


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4 thoughts on “What THEY Have to Say…

  1. What to say,? I just can’t wait for next year to see you all together again 🤩🥰🥰🥰 i’m So honered to be a part of such a great team !


  2. It’s so hard to put in words the experience you get at LASHoff ! Meeting ladies that share the same passion . Making friends for a lifetime. Having the love and support from each other is unmeasurable. It’s magical . We are all so honored to be in the same room with each other , we admire the ones before us and can’t believe we have arrived there it’s so surreal, it’s a moment we all will never forget and cherish 💚💚

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