You know how you hear actors say winning an Emmy was their career highlight? Well my career highlight was LASHOff 2019, without a doubt. My life changed. So I am just going to first THANK Eyelash magazine (@eyelashmagazine) for allowing me to takeover their Instagram. And let us start from the the beginning of LASHOff 2019.

Upon arrival to The Bell Tower, there was a very classic feel with rustic colors and stone with a Mariachi band was awaiting all of the guests. I have never had such an adrenaline rush being at an event. As industry leaders, professionals and media gathered and socialized, I was in awe.

There was a cute photo-booth, with the most amazing and fun props! There were also multiple photo areas where I saw interviews happening with and other media,while groups of my lash heroes took photos and laughed. These women were all happy for each other and were genuine with their words. They are so inspiring. It was unexplainable feeling, being in the presence of some of the attendees. Having the Queen, Sophia Navarro come up and hug me and take photos… I was speechless. I really think this was the most quiet I have ever been because I was in such shock of how amazing this event was. They even had a fabulous dinner for the attendees! It was so good!

After taking a few more photos with some of the Brand Ambassadors, I was told it was my turn to interview, Sophy Merszei… THE SOPHY! I thought I was going to faint but I did not. I got to ask her some questions and take photos with her! She is seriously so beautiful and smart and nice. This was seriously on my career bucket list meeting Sophy! You can see that by clicking, Here.

HerThe ceremony began with an intro from Sophy Merszei welcoming the LASHOff attendees. Zach Falb joined Sophy next to first award of Trainer of the Year to Kate Baxter from Scotland.


Next, Sophy awarded the Top 3 Best Dressed of the night: Sophia Navarro, Justin Alexander and Lauren Wade! They had that Quinceanera theme to a tee! Sophy then awarded those who have worked with NovaLash for 10 or more years. They have all changed the eyelash industry in the past 15 years to make it what it is today!

The awards ended with awarding the top finalists of the 2019 LASHOff.

Fans’ Choice: Jessica Gadzalinski from Chicago, Illinois

Best Classic: Nikki Mellilio from West Palm Beach, Florida

Best Volume: Marte Fjeldberg from Trondheim, Norway

And the 2019 Lash Artist of the Year is….. My favorite girl from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, RAYLENE CRAVENS!


The evening ended watching more interviews and photos being taken and socializing with so many amazing people. I definitely would describe that as a once in a lifetime event that anyone who loves lashes wants to attend! So many amazing opportunities happened, honest friendships with some inspiring people and a lot of memories! So many that I am going to post a follow up with more photos from NovaLash’s 2019 LASHOff event and sharing some of the attendees favorite moments this weekend! So stay tuned!


Keep your lashes happy & NovaLash!


2 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

  1. Oh girl, I’m soooo happy that you loved it! It’s the event we all wait the whole year for πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» I agree 110,000% that everyone there is so nice, we’ve all come from every different background and all walks of life and when we get together in person or over social media, we all
    Just mesh together beautifully πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€
    I absolutely adore what I do, I can’t believe I’m so blessed to work with ever one of these faces (and some that couldn’t make it) and use the best products on earth 🌏

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