Eyelash Magazine Takeover: BA’s of 2019

The first part of day two was all about the NovaLash BA’s. BA means Brand Ambassador. Being a Brand Ambassador means you are part of the “elite” of Lash Stylists. Don’t worry someday I will be part of it… until then Eyelash Magazine got me in to learn a little more about what a BA is. 5 year Brand Ambassador, Michelle Mirizio explains it as, “Always representing NovaLash in a professional way whether you are working a trade show or even in your own studio. Learning everything about the brand and sharing that. Getting resources together to be ready to be featured in the best industry magazines. Taking pride in educating others about NovaLash. Speaking at events and trade shows. And being grateful and making new friends who support you”.

The chosen group of women are picked up from the hotel in the fancy limo bus and taken to NovaLash corporate offices. Did I mention it was quite the cozy and spacious bus? They served breakfast and had head shots and some mini meetings for each of the Brand Ambassadors. Then the meeting started. Introductions from all the corporate team as well as a speech from the heads of corporate including: Vanessa Max, Zach Falb, Justin Alexander, Beth Feltzer, my personal idol- Joni Rae Russell and (she didn’t know it but 2019 LASHOff Lash Artist of 2019) Raylene Cravens.

If you are a Lash Stylist who LOVES lashing and being inspired, make NovaLash BA your new goal. SERIOUSLY. If you get lashes, you want one of these talented babes touching your lashes. These ladies had a day full of speeches with the leaders of the company, full of tips and information to help motivate and inspire them. It was life changing just sitting in the room. There were fun giveaways and a hashtag contest (search: #NLBAChallenge on IG) where I got to be in a group with the beautiful Lizeth Padilla (@devidalash) & Rebecca Hurjui (@rebecca_hurjui_lash_and_nails).

Here was our entry…

Then, the BA group had a motivational speech from a woman who is the PR/Marketing Queen/King/EVERY ROYAL ROLE. Listening to Joni Rae Russell speak is something I will NEVER forget. I felt like a lash superhero after hearing her talk and inspire that group. She is just as sweet as she is beautiful.

During her speech the NovaLash BA group got to see Zach Falb during a live Behind the Chair LIVE! NovaLash also served an awesome lunch where everyone got to chat a little bit! This is when I had that Stepbrothers moment of “did we just become be best friends” moment… with Justine Ivaldi (@lashed_559). Let me just tell you, when you meet someone you know from social media and say “you’re this person” they like it and respect you know their handle. She has been featured in some NovaLash videos so I knew her from that.

The speeches ended with the INSPIRING Raylene. This beautiful woman really changed some lives with her speech. Myself included. This is when I was convinced every single person in attendance has so much love of lashing and teamwork. I can honestly say I have never been in a room full with so many women that were happy and encouraging each other like that. If I could build a city I would move every BA there just because they are all beautiful people inside and out. This is just my opinion. Though Brand Ambassador, Jessica Gadzilinski agreed saying, “the whole experience has been incredible for so may reasons- so many stylists have reached out with their support and encouragement, which is amazing. I love that I have met so many people from all over that I wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise”.

After everyone got their certificates, we headed back to the hotel to start prepping for the LASHOff 2019. And let me tell you, this event did NOT disappoint. Stay tuned to hear all about it! And then it’s back to learning about lashes!

Keep your lashes happy & look for a NovaLash BA!


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4 thoughts on “Eyelash Magazine Takeover: BA’s of 2019

  1. Oh man, I love love love training day at the head office!!! The entire staff is there working behind the scenes and I run through the office poking my head in to all the open doors to say hi 😁👋🏻👋🏻 Everyone that works there has the best energy and they love what they do ☺️
    I look forward to every trip there!


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