NovaLash LASHOff Day One!

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Let me start my story by first saying I started my LASHOff journey by being invited to attend as a guest by a trainer for NovaLash, who I am friends with. I then was offered the role of covering the event for Eyelash Magazine! I know, I was just as excited as you! This is important! So what is it? LASHOff is more than just a formal ceremony. It is a two day event for the top lash industry professionals celebrating lashes! Global Master Trainer, Zach Falb said, “I would describe lash off as a party to celebrate the incredible talent of Team NovaLash. It’s taken years to raise the standards of the lash industry, which NovaLash is at the forefront of doing. LashOff is the time to recognize the Lash Stylists who have shown their talent, dedication and passion of lashing within the NovaLash community. It’s one of my proudest moments watching the success of the entire team as well as the top 4 finalists, plus the world renown BA team”.

That’s @the_eyelash_king himself!

The first day NovaLash has all of their trainers and distributors come in for an annual meeting. They picked everyone up in a fancy limo bus so we all weren’t trying to taxi places.

4 Countries, 1 Picture

Everyone started introducing the whole team, including, Vanessa Max, she is just as pretty as she is nice. I swear. She is the reason NovaLash is where it is! She’s such a great and welcoming person and the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen. Back to the intros, I am talking people from all over the globe. Can I just say I love Norway and the UK? Because I love their accents so much, as well as them as real people and lash professionals!

You really see the faces you talk and email with in person!

During the meeting they go over training techniques and overall company topics to get everyone on the same game plan. I think that’s super important as a company, to have everyone on the same page. It shows real teamwork. I then watched a group of top Lash Stylists all train, AT THE SAME TIME! I don’t think I have ever been so inspired or motivated.

Sat and watched my Lash Idol lash, no big deal…
I met both of these women on my first NovaLash trainging day, @mpls_lashes_kelley & @lashbeat

I learned more in that ONE meeting I felt like a superhero of lashes. On top of techniques hearing so many of my personal lash idols encouraging each other as well as myself was mind-blowing. So as a client, how does this affect you? Well… I can tell you since being home my clients lashes have TRANSFORMED. Everything has changed with my lash game and they have noticed! So having a Lash Stylist who has been to a lash awards, I mean you’re getting the BEST quality work in the industry! Top trainers, Zach Falb AND Sophia Navarro are in attendance. That’s the LASH QUEEN AND KING! Hence, why I had to claim the “Princess” crown. Because I have gotten advice from both of these beautiful humans! I love that this company is such a tight-knit, supportive family.

From one day I felt like my lash life had changed. Every aspect of my career had changed. FROM ONE DAY! And getting encouragement from women and men I have looked up to for my lash career, is just mind blowing. People from all over the world hanging out as friends but all just loving their career. I wish I could bottle that up and sell it, because that energy is so amazing and positive.

We went back to the hotel and some ladies went out to eat and catch up, while some like me, were overloaded with excitement and had to go to bed early. I was still taking in the fact, Eyelash Magazine chose me!!!! And this was just dayone. Day two not only involves a life changing meeting BUT a formal event, every lash professional would want to attend this event!

Stay tuned for the rest of the 2019 LASHOff!

Keep your lashes happy & asking for NovaLash!


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  1. So much awesomeness happens at these events, I absolutely love attending ☺️ My head is sooo packed with new training tips and tricks to make my work stand out even more 🖤. My clients love that I go to these things… it means they’re getting the newest and greatest techniques to make their lashes last even longer!
    I can’t wait to see the rest of your trip!


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