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I do not always hide the fact I am a NovaLash exclusive Lash Stylist. In fact I rarely do. I am a girl who loves a brand. So while Istart my 4 part post about the AMAZING week I spent in Houston, Iwanted to share that lash love. I think it is important for clientsto see why professionals support brands. I reached out to some of thegirls I am inspired by, asking them why they love NovaLash.

So let me introduce you to some of my friends…

Michelle Mirizio (She has been a BA for FIVE years! MIC DROP!)

“Let me count the ways… Always learning new techniques, always getting recognized for what you have done. I love being a BA and get to see all my lash peeps. LASHOff is the best night for celebrating!”

Zoe Nichols (My UK lash sister)

@eyelashmagazine takeover

“NovaLash really couldn’t do more for it’s Lash Stylists. What a time, I get the chance, to be part of the team! For the 15 year celebration! Developing and rewarding the hardest working and most commited lash bosses from around the world. And the LASHOff party was out of this world!”

Mona Kent (One of my LABA Mob Wives.. this will catch on eventually…)

“Team NovaLash is a group like no other I’ve seen. We are a group of talented, sophisticated andprofessional women that go above and beyond to support NovaLash. We stand above the rest because we have the confidence in our product, team and support systems.”

Elisha Padilla (The first person to ask if that was “me” on Facebook, LOL, had to say it, also one of my LMW)

“NovaLash has been my #1 for years. The LASHOFf always looked like so much fun and was a blast to attend! Meeting some of my favorite lash stylists and sharing experiences with my team was something I will never forget.”

So it’s not just me guys! Other people love the brand. Stay tuned to hear all about the 2 days I spent in heaven at NovaLash corporate offices.

Keep your lashes happy &NovaLashed!



  1. I am so honored and grateful to be with Novalash for 13 years! Love seeing my lash peeps from all over the world every year at the LASHOFF! Thank you Novalash for your support and education to keep us on top!!

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  2. Thank you so much for your passionate complements about Team NovaLash. We’re all so grateful that you came out to help us celebrate another year of a great group of women and men making history in the false lash industry. I’m so appreciative of your kind words in support of everything we do XXXOOO


  3. We had a great time , with a team of LashMaker that support each other and obviously love Novalash technique and Products 😍 was nice to meet u , and all other very talented lash artist in the world ! 💝😍😘 Lashoff 2019 was also a crazy night ❤️ Thnk u☺️


  4. What a wonderful event! No other company like it , Supporting and educating their lash artist. Its the best lash company to be apart of. The friendships are a lifetime. Novalash has lead the industry for 15years, they are the industry !! Novalash or Nothing!!

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  5. Definitely one of the most incredible events you’ll ever attend as a lash artist 🖤🖤🖤 the training (and ongoing training) is top notch and the support system is second to none.
    It’s the most magical family to be a part of ✨✨✨

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