Lash Tint 101

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A big topic that I get asked about is lash tinting. So I reached out to my lash sister, Brigitte Sargent (, Owner of The Plum Lash in Clearfield, Utah to dive a little deeper. Because this woman knows her stuff! And I love a chance to get chatting time with her!

Here’s what Brigitte has to say about lash tinting:

First thing you want to know is that your Lash technician is NOT using a hair dye… like at all. They’re so strong and not formulated to be used anywhere near an eyeball.

Do the people in the back hear that? NO hair color should be used on a client. Special formulated eye tinting dye should only be used on a client.

Who is a good candidate? Blondes, redheads and anyone who wants darker, natural lashes for weeks!

Now I know everyone knows about lash shedding as I have covered that multiple times. So this will only last until the lashes grow out and she’s.

How do we go about this service? A tint that compliments your hair or skin tone is selected and mixed with some sort of activator, like peroxide or an oxidant. Then the tint can bind with the natural hair. Your technician then very carefully applies the tint to the lash line, safely avoiding getting any in your eyes… the peroxide will sting like mad if it does! After about 10 minutes depending on the brand used, the tint is rinsed off with cool clear water and after a 24 hour no-touch and no-get-wet period; you’re fuss free for 4-6 weeks.

Pretty fast and easy I would say. So does Brigitte have any top secret tips?

Like any hair color with any peroxide, the effects can be dehydrating… if a yummy oil like almond or jojoba is rubbed on them a couple times a week, the hairs will stay soft and healthy, with no brittleness or breakage. 

So just like hair you want those lashes conditioned! This service should not harm you but always ask questions before receiving any service around your eye to make sure the professional is certified! Want to see some of her gorgeous lash tints?

Have you tried this service? Do you have any other questions? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!
Keep your lashes happy & dark!


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