How is Your At-Home Skincare?

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We have all bought the magazines. Where they tell us all the steps we need to do at home. Want to know a secret? Those are made by real skincare professionals, BUT those are also steps that are going to be unachievable. Especially for those of use who are always busy. Let me give you an example…

  • MASK
  • SPF

Now let me just say I am a professional… but I am not doing that daily. I am a single mom with about 4 businesses, taking on another job and mom life. So it is just not possible.

So I reached out to my Skincare Guru, Alana Cogo. I sent her my list of said steps to perfect skincare and this gorgeous woman made a few edits! When it comes to daily skincare Alana suggests cleansing, acne or age serums, if needed, and a v good moisturizer or face oil. Most will contain SPF protection so make sure you have that included in one of them. Other than those make sure to exfoliate 3-4 times a week. It is still a good to consult with an aesthetician like my beautiful friend, Alana. Make sure the products you use will benefit your skin type.

What steps do you make sure to take? Comment below!

Keep your lashes happy & skin glowing!


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  1. This made me giggle ☺️ I’m a master aesthetician and there’s absolutely NO WAY I’m doing all those steps either! 😂
    I agree with your friend… I use a line called Eminence… I cleanse, treat and oil. Most times just cleanse and oil. Period.
    As a crazy busy professional I can do those steps 😁👌🏻
    Thanks for this article, it was perfectly timed.

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