NovaLash has so many amazing products to choose from when it comes to what clients have available to them. That is why choosing a place that carries retail is important. Brands create these products to specifically work with their other products to make sure clients stay happy and in love with their lashes. To make this top 10 list, I decided that I was going to take 2 things into consideration. The first being my own business sales of products and second by asking clients what they absolutely LOVE. So each product will contain a quote from real clients! Here is the official, CPC Top 10 NovaLash products!

1.) Lash+doctor. “I absolutely love this product because after one use I felt like my lashes were thicker. The best part is the fact there are NO hormones in this product. I am very picky with what I use around my eyes”

2.) mascara by NovaLash. “I don’t have lash extensions but this is my go to for mascara. I don’t get black stains around my eyes and it lasts all day. I feel like it makes me lashes healthier because my old mascara caused me to lose my real lashes.”

3.) cleanLASH. “I love using oil around my eyes to keep them hydrated. Keeping my lashes clean & healthy is an added bonus!”

4.) LASHliner. “This is the sharpest liner ever! I can really get close to my lashes for that perfect lash line. Legit, no space between liner and lashes.”

5.) JETliner. “This liner is the best. I hate when liner melts off in the summer. JETliner stayed on by the pool in Vegas with no issues. I use Oak in the AM and Cardinal Sin in the PM”

6.) 24 Hour Cream Shadows. “I gave in and bought a Triptych because Jessica called them “drinking proof” and they lasted a whole wedding. While everyone was looking sweaty I still looked amazing!”

7.) fLASHlight. “I LOVE taking selfies with this. Just clip it on and all my angles look amazing!” (I have heard this product is discontinued 🙁 but as popular as it is I am keeping it on my list! Should NovaLash bring it back!)

8.) NovaLash Lyme Disease Awareness tee. “This is my go to tshirt for when I want comfy and cute. Plus everyone stares at the NovaLash name. I love the fact a portion is donated to charity too!”

9.) LASHwand. “I love having a cute wand WITH a top so I can throw it in my bag and not worry!”

10.) LASHcloud. “I am a hard sleeper and love that this helps me teach myself to sleep correctly to keep my lashes safe. Plus, it is silky smooth.”

Those are the top 10 selling and client favorites from Color Pins Curls! What are your favorite products & why? Comment below and let me know!

Keep your lashes happy & products stocked up!


10 thoughts on “Top 10 NovaLash Retail Products

  1. My favourite novalash product has to be the CleanLash pads. These make my life sooo much easier when I have lashes on. They effortlessly not only bring any eye makeup off but any surrounding foundation without any effort at all! Letting me keep my lashes clean and nourished without risking causing any damage!

  2. I just love 24H Shadow kit ! It’s very convenient for me as i’m Traveling a lot and in this box I have all I need ! And it’s also waterproof
    And the Lashliner ? I just can’t get enough

  3. Love the insight on such great products! I personally love anything that will make my life easier so 3-1 is music to my ears and bonus for my lashes. Lash doctor is great for anyone wanting that bold lash look, and Novalash is all about natural lash health it’s perfect explaining to clients that healthy natural lashes = fuller longer extensions 🙂

    Thank you for sharing such great info Jessica!

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