Round Face Shape Tips

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Do you have a round face shape? If you do that means you face is just as long as it is wide and your jaw has a curved shape with the largest width at the cheekbone area. So what does this mean? Correcting a round face shape means that you want to add vertical lines to take away from the round width. Some celebs with round face shapes are: Emma Stone & Kirsten Dunst.

When it comes to brows you want a high angled arch with a structured brow. Starting with a sharpness to a soft fade as you go towards the tail end of the brow. This will help contour your round face shape.

For lashes with a round face shape, an open eye style will look best. Adding vertical lines toward the center of the face makes it look less round. If you put a cat eye style on a round face it will make that person’s face look more wide. Lower lashes never hurt a round face shape either!

When applying makeup on a round face you want to remember a few key points. Contour the temples, sides of forehead and under the cheekbones as well as curving down the jawline with a darker tone. Highlight the chin, triangle area under the eyes and center of the forehead. Apply your blush to the apples of the cheeks.

If you have a round face and can never seem to find a hairstyle you like… try the illusion of length, angled bangs, uneven layers, asymmetrical styles or a lob. Pixies are not the best for a round face as you want your shortest pieces to be at your chin. If you have fine hair, make sure you avoid cutting too much weight out this can make your face appear more round. Middle and side parts can work on a round face while having some texture waves can help deflect roundness.

These are just a few beauty tips for anyone with a round face shape to help you tweak those things that you just may not be able to put your finger on.

Comment below if these worked for you! Or if you have any other tips to help a round face shape!

Keep your lashes happy & face shape tips on your mind.


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