Lashes STUCK? Here’s why!


Have you ever gone to fluff your lashes & notice your lashes are sticking? Before you contact your Lash Stylist, let’s go over a few things… that are not Lash Stylist error when it comes to sticking.

A good lash adhesive can be waterproof and oil resistant, like NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesives! But it is not indestructible. Now clients can have lashes & live in 80 degree weather and have ZERO issues with their lashes sticking. His will help explain my next point, I promise.

There are two main things that can cause sticking that a client may be doing at home. I am sure you do at least one of them if you constantly have a sticking issue. Blow drying & cooking! Two activities that have high temps. A blow dryer can be around 130 degrees. An oven can range from 375 to 475 degrees. And a stove top can be 300-400 degrees. That is a lot hotter than 80 degrees don’t you think?

So while you blow dry your hair, make sure you use that cool shot button that I know you’re using correctly! Too much direct heat before your AM fluff can cause those tangled eyelash extensions to stay just like that. While cooking, make sure your face isn’t directly in the heat, hold your head back slightly to help this! That initial heat wave from the stovetop a boiling pasta pat is going to be HOT, HOT, HOT!

Though your Lash Stylist should separate these for you at your infill appointment. There are some ways to help yourself. When brushing, do a light shimmy at the base and brush out your lashes. With classics, lightly rolling the LASHwand between your fingers can really help those stuck lashes to detach. Sometimes it is stuck at the smallest spot and those light brushes will safely pop them apart giving you those gorgeous lashes!

So be aware of the hot surroundings with your lashes & you will be a very happy client! Did you know heat can cause sticking? Comment below with your experiences with sticking!

Keep your lashes happy & unstuck!


10 thoughts on “Lashes STUCK? Here’s why!

  1. Zoe says:

    Yep had three, 1. Adding wood to a bonfire ( same lady also got her hair too close to a candle once and burnt her hair) 2. Lighting cigarette off the hob in the kitchen, 3. Professional chef opening the oven and melts the tips of her 12s and 14s, she has the biggest eyes and most beautiful lashes to extend

  2. Brigitte Sargent says:

    Oh yeah… I had a client who literally MELTED her entire right eye’s American Volume Lashes when she opened her oven for thanksgiving dinner… like melted . When I saw her for her next fill we had to peel them off one at a time. I try to remind all my lash girls around the holidays to be extra vigilant in the kitchen, avoiding any and all heat sources
    Another great article!

    1. Color Pins Curls – Lash artistry
      Color Pins Curls: Lash & Beauty Blog says:

      It’s so sad when that happens!!! I always give them a take home note at holidays to avoid that from happening… there’s always someone that forgets. Thanks B you know I love getting your comments


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