Move On From Mascara


My number one reason for turning people to eyelash extensions is finally getting rid of that mascara they’re piling on their lashes. Most people do not know how bad mascara actually is. It may make your eyes, well eye-catching. But it’s not all good news with mascara.

The most important thing to know about mascara is that it does expire. Most mascara expires after 3 months. After that it is time to toss it in the trash! Now I am first to admit, I am guilty of hoarding that one tube of mascara for longer than 3 months. But that is why being educated is so important. Even during that 3 month time period, you can still have issues. That issue usually stems from bacteria. Bacteria can easily find its way in to your mascara wand and into your tube of mascara. After that it gets on and in your mascara  and spreads, which is scary! This bacteria can cause pink eye, staph infections and inflammatory issues. The eye is a very sensitive area so it is important to care about what you are putting in and around it.

I like to ask my clients a lot of mascara related questions and one of them is if they sleep in their mascara. And it’s quite shocking how many people sleep in full makeup. That’s another post for another day. Sleeping in mascara causes your eyelashes to become stiff and can cause your lashes to prematurely fall out especially for all of the face sleepers out there. These lashes can actually scratch your cornea. Sounds painful to me!

Another issue with mascara stems from waterproof mascara. Everyone always talks about how they love waterproof mascara. It stays on all day so what harm can it do? More than you think… Waterproof mascara can be very drying which causes the lashes to become dry and brittle and break and fall out. After clients get eyelash extensions many of my waterproof wearing clients notice under their eyes becomes brighter. This is because the waterproof mascara can stain the skin causing dark circles. And those who don’t usually are harshly scrubbing their skin with makeup removers to remove waterproof mascara. This aggressive scrubbing can cause the aging process to speed up! Which is something nobody wants! Eek!

It’s a well-known fact extended use of mascara causes a loss of lashes. As well as there are so many ingredients people find they are allergic to and don’t know until it’s too late. Eye sensitivity to ingredients is not the most fun game.

People who use mascara usually own a lash curler too. Because the idea of pressing your lashes tightly with a metal tool seems like a great idea (I just don’t think it is). Many people do it after mascara is applied which is not only incorrect, but the mascara sticks to the pads of lash curlers and rips them out prematurely. And it hurts! Trust me, I have done it.

Always be aware of products you are using and how they can not always be your must have for everyday life. So get ready to ditch your mascara and get yourself a full set of eyelash extensions!

Did you know about the bad side of mascara? How long have you owned your most recent tube? Comment below!

Keep your lashes happy & safe!


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