My Machine Brow Experience

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As you can see in this post’s main photo above, my brows were sad little sisters. I have already introduced you to machine brows, so let’s get into my machine brow experience…

I had already viewed Melina’s work so I know she is one of the best in Livingston County. Seriously, look into the professional you choose. Not everyone is professional even if they have a hundred pictures, look closely at photos and always ask for referrals from people you see with good brows. You should see hair lines, it should not look like permanent marker coloring and brows should be very similar and even. So I set up my appointment and turned up my anxiety until it was time. I came in for my appointment and filled out my paperwork. This is not only to protect a business but a great professional asks the right questions to make sure the procedure is safe. Just using certain products can affect your results, so always be honest!

Melina sat me on the bed and applied some numbing product to my brow area and some saran wrap and we waited. My anxiety built up, so I thought I should watch videos of this.  Which made it worse…. so I was quite anxious by the time we were about to begin. Even though I asked Melina about 3,456 questions she calmly answered them and put me to ease. During this time Melina was making sure every thing was ready to go. She laid me back and went over what we would be doing.

She chose 3 colors that she thought was fitting to my natural brow and hair color. She applied a drop of each to my forehead showing me the differences. Now, she does know I am licensed in hair so she asked me what I thought. I told Melina to choose for me as she is the brow professional. She chose the color and guess what? SAME COLOR I WAS SECRETLY THINKING! So that helped me relax. I feel this was important to point out to anyone wanting brows because I have seen some brows that do not look natural or fit that persons skin tone or match their natural color. This can ruin even the most perfectly created brows.

I closed my eyes and couldn’t see what was going on but I heard the machine when it turned on. Machine brows are done with a tattoo machine, so that is exactly what it sounds like. I was laying there staring around the clean, cute room and finally asked when we would begin since the machine was on. She informed me she had already started. My jaw dropped knowing that! Since I am such a baby with pain.

I will point out I have never broken a bone or had any serious injury having pain. But I have had a tattoo on both of my sides and those bad boys HURT! So I was happy this was not the same experience. There was a moment of pain on the area of the thick part of the brow closest to the eye area. But I would honestly say it was a squeeze the arm of the chair hurt, not scream with pain, which is my go to.

The process didn’t take as long as I thought it would. In under 2 hours the whole thing was completed. She revealed my new best friends and I fell in love. So what happened after? Here are my first 2 weeks in photos, after day 6 I took photos every 2 days. Mainly, because I am not perfect and started to forget.

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Following my appointment Melina gave me take home instructions stating not to get my brows wet for 10 days. This was WAY easier than I thought. I didn’t think I could but I did follow the rules. Even the no makeup on brows rule. She also gave me a small thing of a Vaseline type product to apply a rice size amount to my brows.

So at first the color got dark which I was warned about. So I didn’t worry. Then some skin flaked off. The trick is not touching it causing premature skin shedding. I will say there was a piece on my left brow and it almost killed me not ripping it off but I made sure to follow the rules so I could give my best review.

After about 5 days I noticed the color fading. This is also normal. I was sad I didn’t have those sassy sisters bold and ready to take on the world but I knew it would come back. And it did after a few days being the original color Melina had shown me on my skin. And boy have I been in love with taking selfies ever since.

image1 (4)Now those are my brows without makeup on! So those are the real things people! How amazing is this?!?! I am not only obsessed with the fact I don’t have to spend an hour making sure my brows are even, but should I want to be dramatic it’s like they are a stencil and I can darken them. BONUS: it is also an outline for those who may be tweezer addicts of what to tweeze and what not to tweeze! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to save time and always have their brows on fleek to get this done.

I do have a touch up in a little over a week, which starts the healing process all over again but I am not afraid of any pain or going without getting them wet. It is so worth it. Melina has changed my beauty routine forever!

So make your appointment ASAP and get yourself a pair of sassy sister brows that will give you all the confidence you’ve been missing! Seriously, I am living my best life with machine brows. And if you are in Michigan, call 888-3D-BROWS to get in with Melina!

Comment below if you have any questions or tell me about your experience if you have already had this done!

Keep your lashes happy & brows confident!


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