Machine Brows are Life Changing

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BROWS are all the rage these days. And boy are there a lot of different things out there for brows. From styles to how create them  yourself to making them semi-permanent… just discussing brows could literally be a 10 piece blog collection. So let’s just get right to it. I have literally had so many clients, friends, family, etc. asking me about microblading. (For more information on that: click here). After a little investigating with my skincare guru, Alana Cogo she informed me I would benefit most from “machine brows” referring me to Melina Cogo, Master Brow Artist of 3D Brow Artistry in downtown Brighton. And let me tell you, this woman is an ARTIST! Her work makes me #browcrush… I just made that up but let’s get that trending.

I asked Melina why I would be a good candidate for machine brows, as well as who else would benefit from this service compared to going the microblading route. She informed me, “people with Alopecia, thyroid issues, any type of auto immune disorders and people who do not want all of the upkeep as microblading would benefit most.” (Hint: the last one is me, due to my fear of blood and needles… and being a busy mom, blogger & business owner!). Microblading will typically last around 8 months before you need a touch-up, which you always need a 6 week touch up as well. So that is quite a few visits.

So what are machine brows? Machine brows are semi-permanent brows that go in a deeper layer of skin. This makes them last longer, up to 2 years, because the professional can pack more color into each hair stroke going deeper. Still looking natural and like individual hairs. The initial appointment for machine brows is around $400 with the 4-6 week touchup prince being $130. Which is quite comparable to microblading prices. 

So what if you have had microblading but want to switch over to machine brows? You can! Melina informed me that you can switch up but will still need a 6 week touch up because the professional will be doing the service on a deeper layer of skin. But then you can also go up to two years before you will need to be touched up!  Sounds a lot better for everyone with time and money in the long run.

So if you are in the Livingston County area or ready to travel to let Melina use her artistic talents to transform your brow game you can make an appointment with her during business hours. She requires a $75 non-refundable deposit to schedule appointment which can be done with a card via phone or in person at the office in Brighton, Michigan. Call 888-3D-BROWS today to get in, as she is booked out especially with the holiday season here.

Stay tuned for my experience & review of machine brows on Monday! Comment below your experience with semi-permanent brows!

Keep your lashes happy & brow game strong!






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