Fine & Thinning Hair? NO PROBLEM


Time to be transparent with everyone. I have fine hair and tend to not be the nicest to my hair. So when I am not in the mood to get out my hot tools and style my hair, I like to throw it up in a messy bun and go. There just happens to be one little issue you tend to see my scalp shine through my darker color at the root. We’ve all seen those memes about “my messy bun” vs “a models messy buns”… Here is a real example of my own hair to get a better idea!

So what can I do to get those Instagram worthy cute bun photos? Let me tell you, I go right to my collection of NovaLash’s 24 Hour Cream Shadows! I grab either, “Gardens of Paradise” or ” Original Sin” depending on my mood. I use the larger end of the NovaLash Dual-Sided Eye Shadow Brush, apply some of that shadow onto it and tap it onto those areas to darken my scalp skin tone. The bristles really get the shadow to apply exactly where you want it. After I feel like I have tapped it all over those light spots, I go through buffing the color in a circular motions lightly to blend it out like I do with regular makeup blending…. I make sure not to apply it too heavy around hairline so when I buff it out it blends into my makeup. Side note: do this BEFORE you apply your makeup.


THIS IS NOT A TEST!!!!! That is how much some shadow can fill in those spots. For those of you with black hair, have no fear! Houri Matte is available for you to help you take your hair game to the next level.

Why NovaLash 24 Hour Cream Shadow? Why not just some brow powder? Well let me serve you a nice cup of tea… NovaLash shadows are humidity, smudge and sweat-proof, this means it stays put. So you can go out and not even worry about it eventually wearing off like a powder does. Avoiding turning your fab bun  into a sad patchy mess. No matter what type of weather you are dealing with you can have a messy bun or Ariana Grande high pony vibes with a little help from NovaLash! Thank u, next!

Find your nearest NovaLash Stylist or head on over to to get yourself a new obsession with these shadows! NovaLash also offers trio kits with their 5 Triptych collections. Either way you will fall in love with this makeup even if you choose to just wear it one your eyes.

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Keep your lashes happy & hair full!