The Facial YOU Need This Winter!

With winter weather comes dry, irritated skin. So if you love facial, microdermabrasion treatments or any type of facial skin treatment, then it is time you met, the HydraFacial. The Ferrari of facials… the Chanel of skincare. HydraFacial states their mission on their website,  “to reveal the best skin of your life”. Cue Dirty Dancing, “Time of Your Life” dance sequence. Because this service will make you start dancing with it’s results.

This 3 step, medical-grade HYDRA-dermabrasion is the best facial I have ever had! I went to see one of my collective professionals for CPC, Alana Cogo, owner of 3D Brow Artistry and Restore Skincare. What’s a hydra-dermabrasion? Take the sand blasting of microdermabrasion OUT and instead think your pores being vacuumed with a hand-piece that feels like two spa type stones going over your skin with a hand piece, while it loads your pores with concentrated serums that do many great things for the skin.

hydraaaa states this service is NOT picky. It can address all skincare needs for all skincare types. I have to say from my experience they are right! A HydraFacial can help you with fine lines & wrinkles, skin elasticity & firmness, even out skin tone for more vibrant skin. As well as improve skin texture, minimize brown spots, while cleansing oily and congested skin, and improving enlarged pores. I can say I saw all of these results from just one visit. And it was not just me, it was also my clients. I had so many people point out how “plump” and “healthy, glowing” my skin was. Even weeks later! It wasn’t just a day of results and then back to the same old skin.

When I walked into the room and saw the machine I was already interested in this service. It looks fancy and high tech, so it easily catches the eye! I got comfy on the facial bed, and she started the service by gently removing the dead skin cells that have been covering my face, extracting clogged pores of who knows what and then depositing serums to make my skin literally feel like butter. And not the oily feel just that smooth feeling you want to constantly touch, but shouldn’t!

HydraFacial has 4 boosting serums for the services that can help different skin types feel brand new. Alana used the Britenol Boost on me. With Vitamin C and Alpha-Arbutin my skin was hydrated and glowing like I was a new person. Seriously, I cannot stress how amazing my skin felt post appointment. It felt like I received injections from a medical professional! Without dealing with my fear of having something injected into my skin, #fearofneedles.

My dry, dull skin had fine lines and acne making my skin feel helpless. This 30 minute treatment changed my beauty routine and I will be saving my pennies to make follow up visits to continue improving my skin so I can glow all year round. Alana suggests getting HydraFacial’s monthly to achieve desired results and then changing up your frequency upon your professionals suggestions.

If you’re in Brighton make your appointment at Restore Skincare with Alana, ASAP! Call 888-332-7697 today to have a glowing face this winter! You will NOT regret this! If you don’t live in Brighton, no worries! HydraFacial has a “Find a Provider” tab on the top  to find your nearest professional to feel these life changing facials out!

Have you tried this facial out yet? What did you think? Comment below!!!

Keep your lashes happy & skin feeling amazing.




(This is not sponsed or paid for in ANY way. This is just my opinion about brands, services with some help from professionals!)

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