WAIT, Before Your Lash Nap


So you finally made your appointment for eyelash extensions. You feel comfortable with your Lash Stylist after doing some investigating. You are ready to become a new confident person with full, dramatic lashes! There are a few tips I have for you, before you lay down on the bed and take your lash nap:

  • Make you patch appointment prior to the full set if needed. Though you can have develop a sensitivity to products over time some people who are sensitive may have issues from the start. Talk to your Lash Stylist for more information.
  • Avoid histamine food and drinks 24 hours pre and post appointment. Here is more information about what to avoid.
  • Bring ear buds and listen to audiobooks, podcasts or relaxing calming music. It doesn’t have to be nature sounds but listening to heavy metal or rap music will cause your eyes to flutter with the music. Trust me I have seen it. Don’t make this harder for your Lash Stylist.
  • Use the restroom before you even arrive for the appointment. This will save time for everyone. Especially when you are going to a full set appointment. You will be laying down for a very long time.
  • If you know you have neck issues ask your Lash Stylist prior to the appointment if they have a travel neck pillow or something for your neck. Forgot to ask before? Ask them to roll up a hand towel to place under your neck. A good professional will have something for you!
  • Take off any and all eye makeup. In fact, do not even wear any eye area products including creams or lotions… Some professionals will charge for this to be done so save yourself a little cash unless you enjoy them doing it for you. The reason for the charge is because this will cut into your infill time so this makes it so you get the full infill time dedicated to adding lashes, not cleaning them.
  • DO NOT drink anything with caffeine before appointment. You will not be able to sit still. Which will not allow the Lash Stylist to do their job as best as they can. Come calm and ready to take a snooze.
  • If you take any medications that cause you to be more talkative or not able to hold still talk to your doctor about what to do. Because you will need to be sitting still and not talking for the majority of the appointment.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. For a full set you will be laying down for 2 hours so you want to not have tight-fitting, uncomfortable clothing on. Be ready for a lash nap and wake up feeling beautiful!
  • Arrive ready to fill out paperwork. Some professionals will have you sign waivers, client intake forms, etc. Be ready to answer these questions and John Hancock some lines prior to a Lash Stylist even starting the service. This helps them know about your health but also informs you of the service you will be receiving and/or studio policies they may have. It is always good to start out on the same page.

No matter what be ready to have a transformation and fall in love with your lashes without having to wear all of that extra makeup!

Keep your lashes happy & ready for extensions!!!

Do you have any other tips? Comment below or share on your social media with all of your friends who may be getting extensions soon!


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