He’s the King of the (Lash) World

Most people know by now by goal is to be “Princess of Lashes”… because there is already a Queen and a King… and EVERYONE knows that beautiful gifted woman, Sophia Navarro is the Queen of the lash industry. So who is her counterpart/King of lashes? The incredibly gifted, Zach Falb. Let me just point out that just a phone call with him, made me want him as my best friend! The passion that man has WILL change the lash world as we know it!

Zach is a New York native, who now travels the world educating Lash Stylists. But he didn’t graduate high school with a passion for lashing. He received a Masters Degree in International Business and Human Rights, Bachelors Degree in Communications and PR, certification as an English teacher (TEFL). When one day, he met the NovaLash UK Director. He was a lash virgin and she loved that he had no experience with the lash industry. And that is where it all began…

I imagine it was the winning the jackpot in Vegas because he fell into the lash world and we all get the reward from it. Zach is now the Master Global Trainer for NovaLash, Director of Education for NovaLash, Lash Inc. Senior Journalist and star of the YouTube channel “The Eyelash King”.


So what got him this title of King? His love of sharing lash love! It doesn’t matter if he is on a flight next to a random traveler, someone with a bad experience with lashes, or fellow professionals he an talk lashes ALL. DAY. LONG. And I am not mad about it! You can really feel his passion and he even admits it is his favorite thing to do. With the drive of wanting to be the expert and able to answer any question he may get he started seeing advancements in his career. Competing and now judging competitions, helping with brand development and even helping with new ideas/products that we all may be seeing soon! 

But with career growth comes hurdles. Being in an industry with VERY few men he faced opposition. But this is where his personality came out & shined even more with his determination. Though he has heard the negative, “how can you be a trainer? You’re a guy!” nothing could stop him! As gender shouldn’t apply to lash skills, he proves it is all about learning it all with determination and a smile! With his professionalism, education & master level knowledge, he knocked down all walls and barriers.

His role as an educator gives Lash Stylists tricks, tips and skills for success from someone who sat in the chair and knows how Lash Stylists feel. He really sees both sides from all areas of the world. He has many reasons why education is where his passion shines the brightest. He sees students come in with nerves, doubt and fear and gives them confidence to succeed. He loves the process of educating with the extra communication watching his students become efficient and their success grow. His students go from working for someone else to becoming independent business owners, worldwide lash competitors, becoming Brand Ambassadors, NovaLash Lash Off winners among many other industry roles.

I could still remember the proud , yet humble tone in his voice when we discussed his role in educating. Zach told a story about a  previous student telling him she was able to take her family to Disney World from her lash career all because of his push and confidence in her. I love that I have met the most inspiring people just from diving into the lash world and the more I get the chance to chat with the more inspired I am to learn it all, share it all and get to that royalty level like Zach!

Stay tuned next week to hear Zach Falb’s tips for clients, what he loves and what he may have some opinions on… and maybe some hints of what is to come. Subscribe now to make sure you get notified when it is published.

Keep your lashes happy & the king on the throne!


A very big thank you to Zach for taking out time from his hectic schedule to talk with me! You can find him on Instagram, @the_eyelash_king, YouTube channel “The Eyelash King” and Twitter (@eyelash_king)!





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6 thoughts on “He’s the King of the (Lash) World

  1. It’s all true 🖤. He’s absolutely incredible as a trainer and a darn sweet human, he is patient and will show you 5 different ways to do something if you don’t understand ☺️
    We’re so darn lucky to have him!!!


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