So Many Brands, So Many Price Differences?

If you have looked into eyelash extensions you have probably shopped around looking at prices. You also, probably have noticed how big of a price range there is for the service. Why is the range so large? Are $60 full sets the same as $300+ full sets? Let’s discuss…

The first reason in price differences is going to be the brand the Lash Stylist is using. Some brands require certification which has class costs as well as kits, products, marketing tools, etc. These brands usually have a higher quality of the products along with a reputation which helps Lash Stylists gain clientele and in depth training to ensure a great client experience. They also work closely with their Lash Stylists with a great customer care for professionals and clients also available. Some companies will answer any questions with information to back it up and not hide or avoid questions, those are the ones you can trust. There are also brands that strictly sell on sale sites like Amazon and eBay. Personally, as a professional I do not think they compare to the reputable brands because their not directly knowing how the products are made and where. I also do not believe in cross using of brands. These companies make the products to go with their technique and different brand products can react to each other, trust me.  So your Lash Stylist has to include product purchase pricing when creating prices to ensure making a profit. But, you can trust what they are using on you by the odor or fumes you’ve had with other brands.

The second reason for price range is experience. The more experience & knowledge a Lash Stylist has the more they will charge. They spend a lot of money in training to get to that master level. So when you see a full set offered for $60, they are probably newly certified or not comfortable with their skills yet. This does not mean you will have a horrific experience, though you should always ask to see their work to avoid hack jobs. There just may be some technical issues that you run into, so make sure you have open communication with your Lash Stylist. They could be a natural and future company ambassador as well!

The third reason for price differences is where you go. Some Lash Stylists have their own studio room, rent a room inside of a salon or work for commission. All have overhead finances that add to their pricing. Some also travel to you or do them out of their house. I am one that believes in going to an actual business for security and comfort. And with traveling it may be hard to control the room and affect the lash adhesive. You want to remember business expenses add up (you don’t want eBay products used on you, do you?). Like the large amount of high quality different lash options to create custom lashes for every client or the medical grade, made in the USA adhesive like NovaLash’s Platinum Bond. The goal is to make bank, not go bankrupt.

I’ll save the essay on sanitation for another day, but cheaper prices will most likely not be using top sanitation products or methods (or even know about it).  There are other reasons out there for price differences, these are just a few. Anyone certified with an accredited company & proper state licensing has great potential, it is just their experience and products used that clients should know about. Your eye area is important, asking questions ensures client’s safety. You can tell a great Lash Stylist by their enthusiasm with their brand and product knowledge. If you ask the right questions you will get a feel for if you trust the person or not. Always look into the brand if you want more information by calling their corporate offices.

Does the cheaper price still sound better than investing in quality lash extensions?


Keep your lashes healthy & happy!


5 thoughts on “So Many Brands, So Many Price Differences?

  1. This is the prettiest example of why you get what you pay for ☺️ We’ve spent literally thousands of dollars on our trainings, spend hundreds of hours practicing and use the finest products on earth… this will help our clients understand why we don’t offer $60 full sets… like EVER.
    Thank you for sharing!


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